Just another day

Elizabeth is suddenly informed that she has to move but never found her self being connected in a love triangle between herself, Louis and Zayn


6. Yes

Elizabeth's P.O.V


When I was getting ready for bed I got a text from zayn saying " hey do you know to fix things my sinks is spraying me in the face lol" I Laughed at the text and walked Over there.He said i can wlk in if he was home and if it was in an emergency and in this case it was i yelled out his name and he repied saying he as in the bathroom when i walked in there was beening sprayed like no tommorow i laght so hard i feel to the floor so i ran back to my apartment wrabed a wrench ran back to his house and closed  the pip shut. After i was done i got up and looked at my shirt it was completly wet and zayn omg he look like hed been in the rain for about hours.


Zayn`s P.O.V

Water was split everywhere it was funny her whole shit was wet and i looked like i had been standing in the rain for hours. I told her i was going to go take a shower and she did the same thing and we didcided it was offical we were together and i loved the thought of it nevermind her aww the way her hair fell nice on her sholders the was her brown eyes meet mine how my arms wrapped around her tiny bodyshe was perfect well for me not for any typical man.

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