Just another day

Elizabeth is suddenly informed that she has to move but never found her self being connected in a love triangle between herself, Louis and Zayn


7. why why could it not have been me

Louis P.O.V


Uh. I hate the thought of zayn and elizibeth you know what i might call her lizzy it sounds better. Anyways why could it have not been me i would make her feel like she was the only girl in the world omg just qouted riahnna lol well as i was saying she whould be treated like she should she is so sweet and nice and somtimes i just feel like going to her house in the middle og the night just to cuddle up with her i know it seems so silly but there is something about her that makes me feel right and safe like nothing in the world else matters like  its her that is holding me to the world like i am the rock and she is the gravitie like if human kind depended on us repreducing it would happen.

Elizibeths P.O.V.

I am so happy right know yet so upset y does louis have to be so cute and funny and i am with zyan uhhh y does it have to be so hard.i like zayn but i like....... louis the way he always makes me feel like someone thats part of the group. and the way he is so funny and how he never lets any of the other boys wear stripes he's so awesome and the feelings i have for him are not fair for zayn.   

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