Just another day

Elizabeth is suddenly informed that she has to move but never found her self being connected in a love triangle between herself, Louis and Zayn


8. the incident

no one's p.o.v.


breath breath comon louis breath liam call the ambulance now, zayn get me a towel, harry get me some ice and water louis breath breath liam hows the ambulance ikept yelling to everyone the lady at the front desk said to put some ice water and a towel over the wound. Louis you can leave me you cant keave any one your like my big brother. I can't bear the thought of losing you. "Whow whats going on here i leave to get some dinner and come back to louis bleeding on the floor whats going on HELLO...." Naill said "well to recap whats going on is louis has been shot" lizzy said "WHAT ? WHY ? HOW ?" Niall shouted "niall calm the heck down the ambulance is on its way" lizzy said " well can you tell me how this happend ?" Niall said " well you see i ran into my syco old boyfriend and he wanted to get back together and i told him no that i was with zayn and he got really mad left got drunk followed me home and thought louis was zayn and shot him and ran away ah this is all my fault " lizzy said "no its not look theres the ambulance" niall said "oh thank goodness i should go with him i meet you guys at the hospital" lizzy said

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