Just another day

Elizabeth is suddenly informed that she has to move but never found her self being connected in a love triangle between herself, Louis and Zayn


5. the date

Elizabeth'sP.O.V. As I was getting ready for my date with zayn i heard a knocke at the door so I went to the door and awnserd the door and there stude Harry he asked if we could talk I said sure so we finally sat on the couch any started talking he told me to take it slow with zayn so I took his word and he left . So I decided to wear some tight skinny jeans a red low cut shirt with ruffles and some black heels and headed to my makeup table I put on a smokey eye look and put some perfume on witch smelt like coconuts and waited for zayn it wasn't long till I head the door and I looked out the peephole and saw zayn. Zayn's P.O.V. She came out and looked amazing I couldn't describe it. she looked aboulety stunning when i had finally got of the fact she look pretty i took hge by her arm an dwe walked to the car and drove to the theater and we decided to watch sleepover and headed back to her house and we said our goodbyes for the night I felt so real with her by my side.

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