Just another day

Elizabeth is suddenly informed that she has to move but never found her self being connected in a love triangle between herself, Louis and Zayn


4. lunch

Louis P.O.V.

When i finally decided to get of my lazy bum i walked over to Elizabeth's  apartment to apologize for waking her. when i had reached her door i knocked twice and she opened the door in nothing but a towel  i could tell she just got out of the shower to answer the door. so i finally came out with it and said " sorry to bother you at this moment but me and the boys wanted to know if you wanted to come to lunch with us  you know for what we did this morning" its ok i mean you didn't do it on purpose " "yea " "come in please i know i am only in a towel but i it will only take me 5 min to get dressed , sorry whats your name again i keep forgetting it ""oh its Louis" we had a great conversation until she remember she was in a towel it wasn't a bad thing but i thought she might be a little uncomfortable standing in front of me with a towel so she went and got changed.


Elizabeth's P.O.V.

He was so handsome i had no idea i was still in a towel and i went and got changed when i had asked him his name i knew what it was but i thought you know lets here it from his voice so then and me and Louis left to zayns apartment  and then we had left for lunch of course we ended up going to nandos witch Niall  loves. so then we were seated to our table and had ordered our drinks  then decided on what we were getting and i got a ceaser saled and when we were done i found zayn asking me out to a movie and i said sure witch to Louis facial expression was ok.then we all headed back to the apartments and i went in zayns for a 1/2 hour just to chat and out of no were we started watching a movie i sat right in between Harry and Liam so finally finished the movie and got ready for my date with zayn.


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