You Never Know

In this world today you never know what is going to happen. You can be here today and gone tomorrow.


1. You Never Know

I have no time

I want more

I don't know what to do

I'm confused


I'm lost

I'm found

I disappear

I wake, I'm in a dream


I look and do not see

I find and then lose

I help others

Then I don't


I think

Then I stop

I know where I'm going

But I never get there


I falter

But I  do not fail

People don't know me

Yet they think they do


I wonder

But don't want to know

I love

But I'm not loved


I'm ready

But then I'm not

Who am I?

Humans are so complex


We think we know everything

But we don't

All we can do is pray

We do the right thing


You never know what will happen

You may go to sleep

But never wake up

You don't have time to wait


Do what you can now

Before it's to late






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