Primal Tears (partial movie script - PG13 edition)

I have long been a fan of Kelpie Wilson's novel Primal Tears. To find out more about it click the link to the youtube video. I have included here, a sample of the theatrical version of a script for a Primal Tears film.

I will eventually post a sample of the R rated version on here as well.


9. Sage's Cabin / The Squirrel


Sage hasn’t bothered to turn any lights on, letting the natural sunlight pour in through the windows.
She looks around at the cabin, taking in the small gas stove and the round table that could easily fit her entire family.

She walks over to the table, sits  down in a chair, and hangs her head in silence.


Sage is sitting in a chair on the cabin porch looking out at all the beautiful elements of her new mountain home.

She looks sad.

Suddenly there is a loud chattering.

Sage looks to her left and sees a SQUIRREL perched on the deck rail, which continues to chatter at her.

Sage rises from her chair and approaches the rail. The gutsy squirrel continues to rant away.

Sage closes her eyes and listens intently.


“Are you a human?”

Sage keeps her eyes closed.


“You’re not a squirrel are you?”

Sage takes a breath, and the squirrel gets into a defensive posture.


“Bad squirrel. My porch. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.”

Sage gets fed up, opens her eyes and makes an angry squeaking noise at the squirrel.


“Oh shut it.”

The squirrel looks indignant, and pauses its squeaking for a second, while Sage stares at it. Then it starts again.


“Who the heck do you think you are? Why I ought to bite you and give you a disease missy.”

Sage squeaks a few things in return.


“My name is Sage. I’m not a squirrel, and this may be your porch, but it’s my house.”


“Your house huh? You don’t look like you belong in a house. You ought to be out exploring the woods. Go far away from here and never come back.”

Sage looks at the squirrel who is silent, and then out into the forest. She regards it nervously, then turns back to the squirrel and squeaks a response.


“Do you really think I should?”

The squirrel runs to the end of the rail.


“Yes. I don’t know what you are, but you clearly are more wild than anything that belongs in this house.”

Sage walks to the deck edge, and looks at the forest for another few seconds, then she squeaks at the squirrel.


“If I get cold or lonely can I come back?”

The squirrel snaps at her.


“You won’t be lonely silly girl.”

Sage puts her hands on her hips.


“Okay smarty. How about cold?”

The squirrel pauses for a few seconds, and Sage looks triumphant.


“Okay you got me you little twerp. You can come back if you’re cold.”

Sage smiles.


“Thank you.”

The squirrel flicks its tail and gives a final squeak.

Sage wags a finger at the squirrel.


“Ah, ah, ah. Watch your language.”

The squirrel runs off and disappears around the back of the house.


The idea of Sage being able to talk directly to animals was not in the original book. What do you think of it? More of Sage's adventures in the next chapter.

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