Primal Tears (partial movie script - PG13 edition)

I have long been a fan of Kelpie Wilson's novel Primal Tears. To find out more about it click the link to the youtube video. I have included here, a sample of the theatrical version of a script for a Primal Tears film.

I will eventually post a sample of the R rated version on here as well.


10. Sage's Adventures in the Woods (Extended Version is Better)


Sage is walking down a forest path (in normal person fashion this time). She sniffs the air around her, and her ears twitch. She seems aware of every little smell and sound.

She hears a bird twittering in a tree, and looks up at it. She closes her eyes and listens. After a few more tweets she starts tweeting back.


“Hello bird. My name is Sage. I am exploring your pretty home. I hope you don’t mind.”

The bird flies down to a lower branch and continues to tweet.


“I don’t mind. Just be careful of nests when you climb trees.”


“Oh don’t worry I will be.”

The bird flies away.


“Thank you.”

Sage waves after the bird.


The extended version includes Sage meeting a family of bears. I will eventually post the extended version (however be warned: I will not post separate extended PG13 editions and uncut R rated editions. So if you read the extended version just know that there will be some strong sexuality in that version. Young kids may want to steer clear).

On to the next chapter.

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