Primal Tears (partial movie script - PG13 edition)

I have long been a fan of Kelpie Wilson's novel Primal Tears. To find out more about it click the link to the youtube video. I have included here, a sample of the theatrical version of a script for a Primal Tears film.

I will eventually post a sample of the R rated version on here as well.


14. Sage Meets Tree Nation


Sage swings through the trees. From somewhere off in the distance we can hear the sound of laughing and work.

Sage jumps onto a branch, then springs forward with her hands outstretched. She soars through the air, and just barely manages to grab the next branch with her long fingers. The branch sags under her weight and she swings on it down to another branch.

Sage walks (on all fours) along the branch, stopping near the trunk. She peers around the other side of the tree.

Down below, we can see a group of 10 people sitting around campfire.

Sage stares at them in wonder.

All of a sudden all of them stand up, and pour water on the fire. Then we hear them saying their good nights to each other, and see them heading off to sleep.

Sage notices that one of the boys in the group is walking with a bit of a limp. He has strong looking biceps, long and lovely blond hair, and has interesting looking shoes on.

Gee wizz! Sage almost falls from the tree as she realizes who it is. She catches herself though. Then she gathers herself together, and disappears from our sight.


It now appears to be somewhere around midnight, and Carver who has grown into a handsome young man, is adjusting his sleeping bag.

He is just about to climb in it, when he hears someone calling his name in a whisper.

SAGE: (O.S.)


Carver looks around in confusion.


“Who’s there?”

Sage whispers louder.

SAGE: (O.S.)

“Over here in the bushes.”

Carver stands up and walks over to some bushes. He pulls them aside, and a look of shock washes over his face.

Sage smiles.



Carver stares at her in shock for a few seconds. Then -



Sage quickly reaches to cover his mouth, and puts a finger to her lips.



Carver gently pulls Sage’s hand away. He still looks shocked but is smiling now.


Sage, Carver and the group of teens are sitting on logs in a circle.

All the kids are looking at Sage in wonder.

The group consists of Carver, Sage, KATHY, TANIKA, JO-JO, OTTER, CHIENE, MARK, TRACY, WILLOW, and VIRGO JANE.

Virgo Jane (more commonly known as V.J) has wavy orange hair, a nose piercing that looks like a purple fishhook, a headband made of reeds, earrings that look like green lightening bolts, her eye shadow is an earthy tone, and her lip gloss is a watery blue. 

She seems particularly amazed.


“So Carver said you had been living here for two years?”

Sage looks over at Otter. He has curly brown hair and a shy face. He quickly looks down.

Sage smiles, thinking it’s sweet.


“Yeah that’s right. I lived all alone with no one but nature around me.”

The group all murmurs.


“You are so lucky.”

Sage looks a bit confused. V.J notices this and steps in.


“A lot of us come from unhappy homes or just wanted to get out of the city.”

Sage turns to V.J.


“I’ve never actually seen a city.”

V.J smiles.


“Trust me. You’re not missing much.”

Carver stands up. Sage and the others look at him.


“Except her parents. I’m going into town to get some more supplies. I’ll be back tonight. They should be here tomorrow.”

Sage reaches out and gives Carver’s hand a squeeze.


“Thank you.”


“Bye Carver.”

Sage waves as Carver walks off. Then she turns back to the others.


“So what is this thing? Are you just camping?”


“Well we are camping.”


“But it’s more complex than that.”

Sage looks confused.


“We’re an action group known as Tree Nation. The group was formed in protest of logging companies that want to cut down old growth forests like this one.”

V.J grabs Sage’s hand, and Sage looks at her shyly.


“So we’re gonna stay here until they give up. Also we need some help.”

Sage smiles.


How will Sage be of help? Find out by clicking the next chapter button.

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