Primal Tears (partial movie script - PG13 edition)

I have long been a fan of Kelpie Wilson's novel Primal Tears. To find out more about it click the link to the youtube video. I have included here, a sample of the theatrical version of a script for a Primal Tears film.

I will eventually post a sample of the R rated version on here as well.


15. Sage Helps Set Up Camp


Some members of Tree Nation (TN) are carrying large coils of rope, some have hooks, others have hammers and pieces of lumber.

We see some of them hammering the lumber together to make platforms, and others trying to lasso one of the lower branches with the ropes.

Sage looks amused by all of this. V.J comes up behind her.


“So Sage. Carver said you were an amazing tree climber. We’d all love to see that.”

Sage walks over to Tanika who is struggling futilely to get her rope up to a branch.


“Could I try?”

Tanika gives a shrug and hands Sage the rope. She then walks back to stand next to V.J

Sage looks up at the huge redwood. All the other present members of Tree Nation have taken notice.

Carrying the rope with her, Sage calmly walks up to the trunk of the tree, and without pausing, starts climbing up it like Spiderman.

Everyone’s mouths drop open at once when Sage makes it about 20 feet up into the tree in 15 seconds.

She stops when she comes to a branch and quickly wraps the rope around it a few times.


“Damn she’s amazing.”

Everyone looks stunned.

Sage turns and calls down to the group.


“Now what?”


“Well now we need to start making a spiderweb that connects all the trees around this clearing. Then we’ll pull the platforms into the trees to sleep on.”



She smiles at them.


“Close your eyes for a second.”

The group gives her a confused look.


“Just do it.”

They do it, and we hear the sounds of trees rustling.

The group looks confused.


“Okay. You can open them.”

Everyone opens their eyes and looks up. Sage isn’t there anymore.



The members of Tree Nation look towards the voice, and are amazed to see Sage, on the other side of the ring of trees.


“Holy -”

V.J and the others look shocked when they see that Sage has already managed to tie the rope to a tree on the other side of the clearing.


“How did you do that?”

Sage smiles.


Next chapter Sage and her new friends have dinner.

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