Primal Tears (partial movie script - PG13 edition)

I have long been a fan of Kelpie Wilson's novel Primal Tears. To find out more about it click the link to the youtube video. I have included here, a sample of the theatrical version of a script for a Primal Tears film.

I will eventually post a sample of the R rated version on here as well.


16. Sage Eats Some Gross Stuff


Sage and all the Tree Nation members (Carver has returned) are sitting around a big roaring campfire.

They have finished constructing the complex series of ropes and pulleys connecting the trees and the sleeping platforms to one another, and are sitting beneath it. They are laughing and telling stories.


“Seriously? Did you really live for two years on worms?”


“Well actually they were larva. But basically yes.”

The group all shudders as one.

Sage looks thoughtful and reaches into her bra.


“Well what do you know? I still have a couple in here.”

There are shouts of disgust and faces of revulsion from almost everyone in the group.


“Oh yuck! That’s disgusting!”


“Those things were in your bra all day?”

Sage holds her hand out towards Tanika. Tanika throws her hands up to shield herself.


“No way. I’m not eating those.”

Sage turns to Carver and offers him some. Carver looks at the icky wriggling larva and looks grossed out.


“Honey you know I love you. But I just can’t put those things in my mouth.”

V.J takes a breath, then takes the grubs from Sage’s hand. Sage, Carver, and the rest of the Tree Nation group look on (many in horror) as V.J chews the grubs.

She swallows, and after looking a bit grossed out for a second, she licks her lips. Sage looks at her eagerly.


“You know what? They aren’t actually that bad.”

The other members all look completely grossed out, but Sage smiles. V.J holds out her hand, and Sage reaches in to get more. Carver looks surprised.


“I mean once you over the fact that the things are alive, they actually taste kind of sweet.”

Sage smiles at V.J, who notices and gives her a smile in return.


V.J is certainly a gutsy girl.

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