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Ali's best friend, Hannah, gets VIP and front row tickets to a One Direction concert. While at the dining area before the concert starts, one of the boys walk over to chat. Knowing that Ali's good friend Sarah has a major thing for him, he ends up going towards Ali. What's going to happen between her and the hot British boy, and one of her good friends? Read to find out what happens. (this story is based on a dream that i had. The characters are also based on me, and my friends.)


1. Tickets

Ali's POV

"Hello?" I say as I answer my cell phone with a lollipop in my mouth.

"OMG ALI YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT I GOT!!!!!!!" I take the phone away from my ear while my best friend Hannah screams through the other side of the phone.

"What is it Hannah?" She takes a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

"Ok, I got.. Wait for it.."

"I'm waiting" I said sounding irritated because she wouldn't tell me what she got.

"VIP AND FRONT ROW TICKETS TO ONE DIRECTIONS NEXT CONCERT!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I sit there on my bed in shock while the lollipop falls from my open mouth.

"Oh my gosh!! Hannah!! How'd you get them!?!"

"A little hard work pays off when you win a contest."

She said mischievously through the phone. I could tell she had a smirk on her face by the tone of her voice. "But there's three tickets and only two of us.. Who else are we going to bring?"

" I got an idea of who we can bring." I said while putting a new lolli in my mouth.

"Really? Who?"

"I'll call you back"

"AWWWWWWW c'mon Ali, tell me who it is!"

"Bye" I hung up the phone getting ready to call one of my good friends.

Sarah's POV

My phone started to buzz as it was on vibrate. I answer it. "Hello?"

"Omg, Sarah, I've got a question to ask you."

"Ok, shoot."

"Ok, well, my friend just got three front row and VIP tickets to a One Direction concert!! And we need one more person to come with us. Do you wanna come with?" I sit there at my desk dumbfounded as I try to register what my friend had just told me. A lot of people should know that my heart belongs to Harry Styles, and that I dream about him every night so OF COURSE I'm going to go!!

"Oh my gosh, Ali, YES!!! OF COURSE I'm going to go!! You should know that my heart belongs to Harry, and ONLY Harry."

"Oh yeah, you're right. Maybe you'll get the chance to meet him and talk to him." I could feel the smirk on her face through the phone.

"Yeah, and maybe you could get a singing debut through them." I say back.

"Oh my gosh do you really think they'd do that for me?!" I laugh at her question cause it should be obvious since she is an amazing singer. She could possibly even sing a song with them. Oh I bet they'd all harmonize so well together.

"Of COURSE they'd get you a debut! You should know that you have an AMAZING voice that ANY person would fall for!"

"Awwwww.. Thanks Sarah. I really appreciate it. What about you? Maybe you could debut as a dancer or an actress. I know how much you love to do both."

"weeeellll.... i don't know.. I mean, I DO love to dance and act, but i feel like being famous just isn't for me."

"ok, well, see you this Saturday at noon. the concert doesn't start till 7 o' clock but I just thought that maybe security will let us through early and we can meet the boys! Oh, and wear something nice! I'm sure they would LOVE it!"

I laugh at the details she's giving me. I know that i should wear something nice! but not too nice, 'cos i'm not THAT girly. "alright. see ya saturday! bye"


i smile an ear to ear grin and jump on my bed excitedly grabbing my pillow and screaming into it.

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