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Ali's best friend, Hannah, gets VIP and front row tickets to a One Direction concert. While at the dining area before the concert starts, one of the boys walk over to chat. Knowing that Ali's good friend Sarah has a major thing for him, he ends up going towards Ali. What's going to happen between her and the hot British boy, and one of her good friends? Read to find out what happens. (this story is based on a dream that i had. The characters are also based on me, and my friends.)


2. Meeting the boys

***Hey guys! sorry for the late update! been having some issues around the house. But i'm trying my best to update as MUCH as i can!! Oh, and btw, this is a LONG chapter! i hope you guys enjoy!!***


Ali's POV

As I was putting on my other earring, I got a text from Hannah.

=Hannah boo ;3: hey girl! u need to be ready to leave in about 15 minutes. kk?=

=Me: kk. ill b ready! omg i can't wait!! XD =

As i put down my phone, i begin smiling at myself in the mirror because I look HOT! Well at least I THINK i do. I had a hard time finding the right outfit to wear. But I feel like it's a little too dressy. Oh well, too late now! 

I wore my curly, chestnut brown hair, in a high classy pony tail. I wore a white tight fitting dress that goes right to the knees and has draped sleeves, which kinda makes me feel a little insecure about myself because I'm not one of those Victoria Secret girls where I'm probably so thin that I can't even fit into a pair of jeans to where my legs would fit but not my butt. I WAS planning on wearing my white stilettos, but I'm sure that I was going to be doing A LOT of walking around, so I wore some white flats instead. 

For my makeup, i wore minimal foundation since i don't really need it. Only for the red parts of my face though. My eyes gave off a smokey look, and totally made my green irises POP. I was glad for that part because my eyes are the ONLY feature that I like about myself. I grabbed my big red croc skin bag and left my bathroom to go get a granola bar because i hadn't eaten anything.


As I got into the backseat of Hannah's car, I said hello to her older brother who was taking us to the place where they were getting ready to have their concert. Mind you, that we're only 14-15, so none of us can drive.

I told her brother the directions to Sarah's house so that we could pick her up.

I saw what Sarah was wearing as she walked out of her house, and actually was not that surprised as to what it was. She was wearing light wash skinny jeans, a red t-shirt that had the 1D logo on it in white, with a jean jacket over her shirt, and last but not least, her favorite lowtop red converse. Oh, and she had her dark hair down, natural waves, with some hair from the sides of her head pulled back. 

As for make up, all she wore was mascara and a little bit of lipgloss. She likes to keep things simple and casual. 

Sarah took a look at me and was stunned. I could tell by the look on her face. 

"Oh. My. GOSH ALI!! You look AMAZING!!!"She yelled in astonishment.

I blushed a little, "thanks.. Same goes for you! You look awesome with that outfit you're wearing! LOVE the shirt by the way,"

"oh, thanks! Do you think Harry will like me..? Even though.. I'm 14?"

"YES! omg OF COURSE he would!! You know what they say, 'age, is just a number'." Sarah starts to smile and blush while she looks towards the floor of the car.


After the LOOOONNNGGG drive to the place, Hannah, Sarah, and I all got out of the car. Let me tell you something, we were sooo nervous about meeting the boys, and we weren't even sure if we were even allowed to be there THAT early! But we got our backstage passes out and knocked on the back door. 

A big guy opened the door, and we assumed he was Paul. So we explained to him, and showed him our passes, and he let us through. We felt a little relieved that we were able to go through because we wouldn't know what to do if they didn't let us in.

As Paul was leading us to where the boys were at, we started to tense up as we got excited, and nervous to see the most GORGEOUS boys in the whole planet!

as we turned the next corner, Paul announced us, and we immediately froze in our place. We realized we were being idiots, and started to walk towards the guys. Omg we were sooo nervous. 

Once we turned that corner, there they were. They were almost glowing in their beauty. There, just sitting infront of us on their famous couch that they always use.

They all looked at us and smiled. We relaxed a bit from the warm greeting that the boys gave us. 

"Hello, girls. How're you?" Harry asked with his cute cheeky smile, and those amazing dimples of his.

"Um, we're good. And you?" Hannah replied.

The boys started to to look at each other while they all said that they were feeling good.

"Would you like a tour around the area? And maybe something to eat? You girls look a little hungry." Harry said while walking up and putting his right arm lightly around Hannah, and motioned to nowhere in the room.

"Well, we are a little hungry, the drive here took FOREVER. And, a tour sounds nice." Sarah said as she smiled at Harry and the other guys.

"Great! well, Let's get going then!" Louis replied as he looked at all of us.


"Wow, that tour took a long time." I said to particularly no one. Everyone gave a light chuckle to this.

"Soooo.. What now?" Zayn asked from the back of the group. 

"FOOOOODDD!!!!!" Niall and I simultaneously yelled.

"Ok, ok. Just calm down. The snack area should be around the corner." Liam motioned to the next turn in the hall. 

"Whoooooaaaaa..." Sarah, Hannah, and I just stopped in our tracks to gape at the sight before us. There was food, EVERYWHERE. Even a chocolate fountain!! I walked up to it slowly, still astonished by all the food. 

"How do you get all this food!?" I asked loudly while turning around, still with a surprised look on my face.

"Management." Harry stated.

"Wooooowwww... That's a lot of food..." Sarah said.

"And the best part, we never run out." Niall said with a happy smile on his face.

"Well, I don't think you can with all this out!" Hannah stated.

"Well, with all the people that work around here, they need to keep their energy up. That's why there's a lot of food. But the chocolate fountain is there because Niall requested it." Liam explained.

"Well. That explains a lot." I said while nodding my head. Everyone burst out laughing except for Niall.

Once everyone was done with their fits of laughter, Zayn announced that they have a photo shoot to go to.

"You're invited to watch if you would like." Harry kindly said to us.

"Uh, sure! That'd be great." Sarah replied smiling.

~At the photo shoot~

Sarah's POV

Oh my gosh.. Harry looked so amazing when we first saw them.. But now at the photo shoot? Hot. No, not hot. Friggin' sexy!!!

The way he smiles is just so enchanting. And he has the most beautiful eyes. His hair is obviously amazing. What are you talking about? It always is!

Anyways, with five hours left before the concert, I plan on making him mine.

Harry's POV

Is it just me? Or is that Sarah girl coming on to me? She's been a little too close to me for comfort.

On the other hand, That Ali girl, she's a crack up. Once we start to get a little bored, she's says something that we all laugh at. When she and her friends came in, I couldn't help but stare at her. She looked amazing in that dress she was wearing. And her eyes.. She was wearing just the right amount of eyeshadow to make her beautiful green eyes pop. I could've sworn that I saw some yellow in them at one point. 

"So, girls. Where do you come from?" Louis asked trying to make small talk. I was a little sad that I wouldn't be able to join them because it was my turn for our 'solo' shoots.

"Well, I come from Fairfield. That's over here in the Bay Area, but a little more south." I heard Ali say.

"I come from the same place." Sarah agreed.

"Me as well." Hannah stated.

Once I was done, I went up to everyone and tol Liam that it was his turn.

"So, girls, you're from here in the Bay Area?" I said, repeating what I had heard.

"Yep! Wait. Were you eavesdropping on us?" Ali questioned.

"Maybe" I said with my cheeky grin.

"Harry Edward Styles! Has your mother ever taught you that eavesdropping on people is wrong!?" She jokingly stated while pointing a finger at me. No, not her middle finger. I can tell she's better than that.

I chuckled a little at her pretending to chastise me for 'not having manners'.

"What!? I'm serious you know!" She said to me, reacting to my laughter.

"No you're not." I replied smiling.

She blushed a little. "ok, fine. I'm not. But you could have let me have a little fun!" She playfully hit my stomach with the back of her hand.

"But then I wouldn't be having fun!" Harry whined. 

"Oh, whatever!" I chuckled again.


Sarah's POV

Was it just me, or was Ali flirting with Harry? She know that he is MY man! And she can't have him! Besides, she likes Liam for crying out loud! There ain't NO WAY she would do that to me. She knows, I like Harry. So why doesn't she back off?

Hannah's POV

Oh my gosh.. Zayn is just so freakin' amazing! His hair is soo soft! And yes, he let me touch it.. I know, shocker right? But anyway, I've loved him MORE than anything! I just hope he feels the same way..

But I have started to notice something going on between Ali and Harry. Doesn't she like Liam? So why is she always talking to Harry?

Ali's POV

I have started to notice something with Harry whenever he's around me. It's a little obvious that he likes me. I mean, I like him too, but not in THAT way. I like Liam. And I haven't really had the chance to talk to him very much because Harry always wants to talk. Don't get me wrong, Harry is very nice, but I think of him as an older brother. Plus, I don't want to get too attached to him. I can't do that to Sarah. She's too good of a friend, and I don't want to hurt her feelings.

But other than that, I see Hannah and Zayn talking a lot. I know she has a thing for him. I even saw that he let her touch his hair!! He usually never lets ANYONE touch his hair! That's gotta mean something right there.

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