Why me?

Ali's best friend, Hannah, gets VIP and front row tickets to a One Direction concert. While at the dining area before the concert starts, one of the boys walk over to chat. Knowing that Ali's good friend Sarah has a major thing for him, he ends up going towards Ali. What's going to happen between her and the hot British boy, and one of her good friends? Read to find out what happens. (this story is based on a dream that i had. The characters are also based on me, and my friends.)


3. I'm not sure

hey everyone! sorry about not updating in awhile. I haven't been able to figure out a topic for chapter 3. plus, i don't think that i want to continue this story. It was based on a dream, and that dream went NO WHERE. so let me know if you want me to continue this story by messaging me on my twitter @almags5 i'll follow back.

I also need ideas!! please help!!


I'm also beginning a new story. It's not up yet, but it is called Guitar and Piano - A Lovely Mix. Look out for it and let me know if you like the first chapter, and I'll try to update as much as i can.

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