I shoulda kissed u

A girl that goes by the name brittney goes camping. Alone and in the mountains she finds a rich cottage N sees one direction what will she do ? Will she fall in love with one of the boys before I publish who she falls for comment who she should ! Her memories still haunt her find out what this are in this book


6. Waken up ?!

I was done I pulled through the wall and finally awoke
She was sitting there I wanted her to wake up so badly I was crying on her hand hoping dreaming then she started to struggle I called the boys in an the doctor Then her beautiful blue eyes shot open I hugged her soo tight she was breathing really hard after she was watery eyed though and sniffling then asked Zayn what's ur last name he said of course MALEK and she got up out of bed in shock and hugged him really tight he said Whoah whats up with this chick she said ur my cousin remeber me Britney eversdale he stood there in shock she slapped him across the face and said DAH did u think I would never find out ! He said he dident know and asked hows Clemente and Tyler she started to cry
I started to cry Harry asked me what's wrong I said facing Zayn and Harry "their dead" :( and Zayn got teary eyes and Harry looked worrily at both of us he asked how I said like on the news
Tyler age 15 her bf tommy had killed her and killed herself
Clemente age 17 died of Robery rufused to give the man his money (the bad guy his wallet )
I cried harder and hugged Harry and Zayn Harry said what about ur parents me and Zayn looked at each other sadly and tried to change the subject but harry was too stubborn ....
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