I shoulda kissed u

A girl that goes by the name brittney goes camping. Alone and in the mountains she finds a rich cottage N sees one direction what will she do ? Will she fall in love with one of the boys before I publish who she falls for comment who she should ! Her memories still haunt her find out what this are in this book


4. Stay alive

Harrys POV
I was watching her leave down the street her car spun an hit a tree I quick screamed call 911!! I picked her up and rocked her I sang one thing in her ear before she blacked out the boys came out running they all surrounded getting teary eyed the ambulance came I went in with her she was all bloody glass cut her skin I started to cry the man in there said it would be okay but I knew it wasent the boys came in a car we waited the doctor came out an said "it's hardto say this but she's in a coma" I just sat there in complete shock Niall screamed SHE CAN'T BE Louis was trying to calm him down and Liam was trying to wake me from my shock the doctor said she can hear u but she can't see u we walked in the doctor stopped everyone behind me and said one at a time they agreed I went in ...
Britneys POV
I heard talking and the door opening and closing I had no clue
We're I was but I heard Harry's voice and smilied I think he saw it cause he said u happy already ? Like I was a puppy man that boy can make a girl laugh and smile man I wish I could see him
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