I shoulda kissed u

A girl that goes by the name brittney goes camping. Alone and in the mountains she finds a rich cottage N sees one direction what will she do ? Will she fall in love with one of the boys before I publish who she falls for comment who she should ! Her memories still haunt her find out what this are in this book


7. Relef of pain


they explained what happened I hugged them tight so did niall Liam and Louis and we left the hospital we took her to our house and said live with us she said fine an got her stuff and lived at our home
*months later Harry's making his move and so is Niall!!*
I've been liveing with the boys for 4months and got to know them well everyone but Zayn I already knew him and there in a band called one direction lol my cousin Is famous how could this be !!! And today is really pretty out Harry came up to me N said do u wanna...mabe ...
I cut him off by saying YES jumping up and down excitedly he smilled and said get ready going in 20 min okay ? KK I said and ran up to get dresssed I picked out a long pretty red dress and red sparkling heels a red flower going through my brown curly taylor swift kinda hair I had a redish purse put my phone and important items in there put red lipstick on and said cute apparently he was already ready when he saw me come down his jaw looked like it was going to fall off I said go any father u jaw will break he closed his mouth and said u look wonder full I said take a picture it will last longer HE DID lol
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