I shoulda kissed u

A girl that goes by the name brittney goes camping. Alone and in the mountains she finds a rich cottage N sees one direction what will she do ? Will she fall in love with one of the boys before I publish who she falls for comment who she should ! Her memories still haunt her find out what this are in this book


3. Live or die

I ran off into the kitchen idk why I think I loved her but Harry did too an she came in after me and she said what's wrong I got inches close to her and said kiss me she widened her eyes I lent in and kissed her for a minute I grabbed her but and rubbed my arms up and down her back then pulled away and walked out smiling she walked out blank faced and dident barely talk and I saw Harry look all worried I told the boys even Harry what I did they got mad but especially Harry I was happy
Britney's POV
I got scared when he kissed me I liked Harry though I couldent like NIELL and I dident talk all night only like yes or nos and I fell asleep on their couch I geuss cuz when I woke up I was in someones bed I got out and saw Harry in front of the door way ive got to go I said groaning I got in my car an drove off and I hit a tree I heard screaming call 911 and I saw Harry's face he picked me up and rocked me then I fainted feeling glass digging it's way through my skin I woke up ... I was in a black hole trying to get out the wall was too strong I wanted to see Harry's face I remembered him holding me and singing somthing before I blacked out
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