I shoulda kissed u

A girl that goes by the name brittney goes camping. Alone and in the mountains she finds a rich cottage N sees one direction what will she do ? Will she fall in love with one of the boys before I publish who she falls for comment who she should ! Her memories still haunt her find out what this are in this book


2. Kiss or Dare

We started to play why they called kiss or dare Harry picked dare and had to hit himself in the balls lol I laughed he hit me slightly on the arm An chukled NIELL chose kiss oh my silly him cause the boy "Louis " got a huge smirk on his
Face and said kiss... Brittney I sqealed a gave him the evil glare and NIELL leaned in and kissed me just a peck and I saw Harry's hands clench up but thought nothing of it and every time Louis got one even if it was a dare he'd make them kiss me I could tell Harry was getting upset then Louis said kiss or dare Harry he said dare Louis said okay well kiss brittney for more than 2 minutes I looked at Harry he just lent in and kissed away I felt sparks fly and still thought nothing of it
I kissed her when I did I felt sparks I loved it but when NIELL kissed her she smiled she dident like me I knew It I hope she felt the same way when we kissed cuz when I pulled away judged before she kissed back and I knew mabe she was for me when we kissed I saw NIELL go all red after he saw her kiss back he walked no stormed out of the room Britney went after him idk what happened but he came out smile ing and she can out with a blank face and dident talk for the rest of the night if she did it was little
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