people think that i have the perfect life.......not even close. My parents both died last year and my older brother took custody of me and my sister. Heres the bad part, my sister is suicidal and serverly bipolar while my brother beats me and thinks its my fault they died. I hate my life and wish it were over. Harry Styles fanfic


1. She's gone

Anna Leigh's P.O.V

I walk down the stairs of my school "Thank God it's Friday" i think to myself. While I'm walking down the street to our house I sense something unusual, I start to run thinking the worst in mind has happened. I get home and see her lying there unconcious. Is she alive? Did she do it? All these questions fill my mind as I run towards the lifeless body of my sister. I see the bottle of pills laying beside her. No, this can't be happening, the tears start to stream down my face. "I can't find a pulse,why isn't there a pulse?!" i say sobbing loudly. "she can't be gone,she is the only person who ever cared about me" I think. The tears come back harder than ever. "I have to leave this house, forever" I think to myself. I run upstairs to my room and grab my phone, my school books, and a backpack with shoes and clothes in it. I walk out the front door not looking back fearful of more tears and head to my favorite place, the river. When I get there, there is a group of boys stiing by the river talking. I walk in the opposite direction twoards the bridge. I sit down on the wooden railing and take out my phone looking through the pictures of me and my sister. "Stop it, put down the phone and stop" i try to force myself to put the phone down, but i can't. This time the tears flow like a waterfall. I look over to see a boy with curly brown hair walking in my direction. I try to stop crying but I can't.

Harry's P.O.V

I look up and I see a girl with short blonde hair looking at her phone crying. Why would somebody so beautiful be crying and on this gorgeous day. "Hey i'll be right back" i yell at the boys. I walk up to see her with red-puffy eyes and a tear stained shirt. "hey" i said kinda shyly.She looked up and cried a little bit harder. I walk towards her slowly and notice that she has quiet a few bruises and cuts. "hey" she said wiping the tears away. "Mind if i ask why you're crying?" I say. she looked at me with the saddest eyes id ever seen and knew something terrible had happened. "my sister is the only person in this world who has ever cared about me........and now she's......gone" her voice cracked at the end. I just wanted to hug her so badly "I'm so sorry" i said getting teary eyed "what's your name?" "Anna Leigh" she replied. "Do you have any place to stay?" I ask her. she nodds her head yes then i looked into her eyes "do you" she looked really upset and finally shock her head no.


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