people think that i have the perfect life.......not even close. My parents both died last year and my older brother took custody of me and my sister. Heres the bad part, my sister is suicidal and serverly bipolar while my brother beats me and thinks its my fault they died. I hate my life and wish it were over. Harry Styles fanfic


7. past memories

Niall's POV

"yea i did" i said as memories flooded back to me "We lived next to her before her parents died" i ran my hand though my hair and smile a little "she had the sweetest laugh of anyone i'd ever met" i laugh " I remeber when she'd run away from home one time and came and stayed at our house, for a week" a tear escaped my eye as i said that "The sad part is, she didn't remember all" i slid down the wall in pain and sorrow. "she used to be my best only friend" my voice cracked and i broke down. a wave of shock hit me as i remember that i would never see her crystal clear blue eyes or her dirty blonde hair again. Zayn looked at me and handed me a picture. it was the one from 2 years ago when we had a paint fight. "Lad, i think she remembered you" Zayn smiled at me a little "how'd you get this?" i asked him with tears lining my eyes "It fell out of her backpack when she was here" Zayn said looking at his feet "she seemed like a really nice girl Niall. We are all going to miss her" He said genuinly as he patted me on the back and left the room. i looked at the picture and the tears that were linig my eyes fell softly on my cheeks as it started to rain outside. "I'm going to miss you Anna, and even though i never got to tell you this, i loved you Anna. I love you". I feel a pair of arms wrap around me and i look over expecting it to be one of the guy...but it wasn't, it was Anna "I never forgot you Niall, and I love you too." she smile at me and kissed me on the cheek, "have to go now i need to say bye to Harry before i meet up with my sister and parents. Bye Niall" she said softly as she faded away. "Bye Anna Leigh" i said quietly

Harry's POV

i woke up with my hand moved. i opened my eyes to see Anna siting beside me. "Is this seat taken?" she joked with me. i smiled and nodded my head 'no'. "Harry, i just needed to thank you before i go. you've taken care of me and given me love. More than anything i needed to say I love you Harry. more than anything else in this world I love you." she smile and kissed me on the cheek "Anna Leigh" i looked at her "I love you and i'm really going to miss you around here." i looked into her crystal clear blue eyes "before i go i need you to do me a huge favor" she asked me "what is it love?" i ask her "i need to see those dimples" she asked me as she poked my cheek. i laugh and smiled for her once more "Bye Hazza, I love you" she said as she faded away "bye love, i'll miss you" i said softly


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