people think that i have the perfect life.......not even close. My parents both died last year and my older brother took custody of me and my sister. Heres the bad part, my sister is suicidal and serverly bipolar while my brother beats me and thinks its my fault they died. I hate my life and wish it were over. Harry Styles fanfic


3. New Home, For Now

Anna Leigh's P.O.V

I woke up with a massive headache. "what the hell happened yesturday" i question myself  "and why am I in a car?". As I was about to wake up Harry my phone went off. The text read

TO: Anna Leigh

FROM: Scott

Looks like i'm going to have to find you on my own. Enjoy what is probably your last day alive because i will search every coner of this planet till i find you. Like i said yesturday this time instead of just teching you a little lesson, i will kill you little slut


I sit there praying that he won't find me. All of the evil memories came back. The one that scarred me the most was when i went out one night without his permission and when i came back he tied me to the bed and poured a pot of boiling water on my thighs. Whenever i look at the scars i just feel like bawling my eyes out. I turned over to Harry who was now awake and giving me a weak smile."Good morning beautiful" he said "Morning curly" I replied. "I mean the car is amazing and all but do you want to go inside?" Harry offered with a slight laugh "Nah I like the car" i said back sarcastically. We walked inside and my jaw dropped, this was the most amazing place i'd ever seen. "Hazza this place is....just....words can't explain." i told him with huge grin on my face that was now blushing. "It's not just mine, I share it with Niall and Zayn." he told me "They're rooms are upstairs and so is mine", "So where are we?" i asked a little nervous "Whe're in Manchester babe" I don't know what made me happier the fact that he called me babe or that we live 6 hours away from the hell hole i called home. "Hazza can i get some sleep, My head still hurts really bad." I asked him "Sure" he said. He picked me up bridal style again and carried me to his room. "Such a ladies man" i said to him as he set me on his bed. Harry just smiled at me right as he was leaving the room he turned around and said 'I'll be downstairs if you need anything' and winked. Then he left. I hadn't told him about the last text i got from Scott. I soon fell asleep on top of the covers.

Harry's P.O.V

I left the room and headed downstairs to take a shower. As i was getting out I forgot my clothes in my room. "shit" I mumbled under my breath. I walked back up to my room and grabbed some sweatpants and a Jack Wills shirt. After i was clothed i noticed that Anna's phone had a text message. I felt really bad about doing this but i read the text. It said she'd read it earlier. Oh my God this is why she must've looked so petrified earlier in the car. I walk down stairs and sit on the couch next to Niall. We both sat quietly watching some horror movie Niall picked out. I heard a scream and i thought it was the movie, but it wasn't.


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