people think that i have the perfect life.......not even close. My parents both died last year and my older brother took custody of me and my sister. Heres the bad part, my sister is suicidal and serverly bipolar while my brother beats me and thinks its my fault they died. I hate my life and wish it were over. Harry Styles fanfic


2. Help Me

Harry's P.O.V

I looked into her sparkling blue eyes. "I'm Harry, but you can call me Hazza" i said. She gave a weak smile and shook my hand "Nice to meet you Hazza" she said with a little giggle. "Do you want to join us down by the river" i ask her "sounds nice" she replied. She slowly eased her way off the railing. "Need any help" I offered "here" she handed me her phone. We walked towards the guys who were still talking. "Hey guys" i say trying to yell over the boys talking. In sync they all looked at her and were speachless."This is my new friend Anna Leigh"

Anna Leigh's P.O.V

i give a little wave to them."this is Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn" Harry said as he pointed to each one of the guys. "nice to meet you" i say giving a shallow smile. I'm exausted and have a massive headache from all the stress and crying. They can probably see the pain and redness in my face, but i try to cover it up by smiling. "come on over here, we don't bite" the boy whose name i think is Zayn said to me. I walk over and sit down beside Harry, for some reason i feel really comfortable around him. I get a text from my brother and tears once again fill my eyes but not of saddness but of fear


to: Anna Leigh

from: Scott

 I know you came home after school. Next time don't leave the front door unlocked. If you dont get home before sunset and admit that you killed our sister like you killed our parents i will find you no matter where you are, but this time i will teach you a lesson that you wont forget. I will kill you.


I sit there shaking like a leaf. "what's wrong" Harry asked me. I burst into tears and show him the text. He was shocked and looked me in the eyes."There is no way im letting you out of my sight" is all he said before he hugged me tightly." How could somebody i just met care about me so much" i think to my self trying to calm down."You can stay with me for as long as you need to" he said to me. I buried my face into his chest and feel his strong arms wrap around my waist and hug me."Can we go, i'm so sorry it's just that the sun is about to set and he'll know to look here" i asked shyly.

Harry's P.O.V

I wiped the last tear falling down her cheek and kissed her forehead lightly. "Let me just tell the boys" I said with a soft smile. She gave a shallow tired smile back at me. I walked over to where the boys were sitting. "Hey guys i'm going to take Anna Leigh home" i stated. "Yea that's quiet a beauty you snagged there Hazza" Zayn grinned at me. "yea she's been through alot, so see you tomorrow then" i said "go, get your sexy time on" Louis said doing a little dance that made me laugh. I headed back to Anna Leigh who was looking through her pictures on her phone. "ready?" i asked "yea lets- she didnt get to finish her sentance before i picked her up bridal style and carried her to my car. She sat in the front seat and slowly fell asleep about 10 min. into the ride home. I knew she was exausted and probably on the breaking point. As we pulled into my house i closed my eyes and ended up falling asleep in the car with Anna Leigh in the passengers seat.



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