people think that i have the perfect life.......not even close. My parents both died last year and my older brother took custody of me and my sister. Heres the bad part, my sister is suicidal and serverly bipolar while my brother beats me and thinks its my fault they died. I hate my life and wish it were over. Harry Styles fanfic


4. a nightmare

Anna Leigh's P.O.V

I woke up screaming from my dream. Remembering it though was the worst part. ~dream~  Scott! Why are you doing this?! I cried out as he tied me to the wooden chair in the middle of an alley. Shut up you know damn well why I'm doing this! He yelled as he cut the back of my ankle with his knife.  I screamed a blood curdling scream. Shut up or I'll kill your boyfriend too! he stated as he cut the other ankle. I closed my eyes and felt a sharp pain in my chest. I opened my eyes and saw the knife dug into my chest, I saw my own blood and I knew I was about to die. I closed my eyes and tried to force them open again, but they wouldn't. ~end of dream~ "HARRY!" I called out still shaking. I heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. The door burst open and I saw Harry run to my side. I hugged him and buried my face in his chest and cried. "Hey, Hey it's okay, Im right here, nothing can hurt you". Harry told me in a quiet voice as he rubbed my back. I looked up into his emerald green eyes and suddenly felt better. "Thanks Hazza" i said with a shaky voice." It's okay we all have nightmares" he told me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I hugged him tighter and heard more footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly 2 other boys apperead in the door way. "You guys okay?" Niall asked us "Ya just a bad dream" I told Niall wipping the last tear away from my face. "Do you want to join us? We're watching Paranormal Activity 3" Zayn asked me. I looked at Harry "It'll be fun" Harry replied I nodded my head and we all walked downstairs and sat on the couch. Everytime something jumped out i curled up into a ball next to Harry. Niall and Zayn were screaming like little girls throughout the whole movie, it was kinda funny actually. After the movie I asked Harry if I could go change into some night close. I went upstairs to his room and shut the door....forgeting to lock it. I had put on my sweatpants and was in the middle of putting on my shirt when he walked in. I quickly put the shirt on in fear of him seeing any scars left from my Brother. Harry shut the door and colapsed on the bed. "Hey, Anna can i ask you something?" He questioned me. Please don't ask about the scars Please was all I could think "Yea sure" "Why is your back so cut up?" I turned around and by now he'd sat up and was giving me a serious face "M-my brother thought I was to blame for the death of my he would beat me everyday. The ones on my back are from when he pushed me into a glass cabneit and the glass broke off into my back." I pulled down my sweatpants far enough for him just to see the scars from the boiling water. His serious face turned into a worried and sad face. "These are from when he tied me to the bed and p-poured boiling water onto my legs" I said getting kinda of teary eyed. The last ones i showed him were on my feet "This is the hell I've been living in for a year and a half" I broke down and Harry walked over to me and hugged me "I'll never let anybody hurt you ever again" He said with passionate voice. I looked into his emerald eyes again and felt better. I leaned in about the same time he did. His soft lips touched mine and I felt safe. We pulled back "I'm so-" he cut me off  "Don't be" He smiled and we both layed down. He wrapped his arm around me and we both fell asleep.



hey guys! this is my first movellasso let me know what yall think. Also comment on what you want to happen and it might go in the story! Alright night guys next chapter coming soon! BYEE!


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