You Are Wonderful

You arre wonderrful with such a warm embrace and loving kisses. Your on my mind day and night.


1. You Are Wonderful

A innocent face and so handsome

Such beautiful eyes

From them love spills

You have such nice lips


With such a nice speech

People stop and stare when

You walk down the street

As you lower your eyes


The romantic's place is

The sunset

As you raise your eyes

The morning sun comes


The buds when you laugh

Blossom in the fullest

Away from you the fairies shy


Your hair is scattered

Like the fragrant of you

My heart is looking at you

The only one who is handsome


You are not, there are so many others

There are none as handsome as you

I am intoxicated with your body

You are like a garden of youth


A man that is so complete

With love so pure

I have much time for you

With time, you have been created

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