Arentia: The Lost Princess

This is a story about a kingdom. This particular kingdom is magical, it is a land on an island, divided into two by a war. Naentia, the country ruled by a Witch Empress, and Arentia, a land ruled by a King. People of these lands were thought to be gods by ancient civilizations, but as humans rebelled, were forced to retreat. The King had two daughters born in the middle of the war, whose mother no one knew of, but of them one disappeared and was thought dead, until now.
Princess Axalia never knew she had a twin at birth; no one but the King knew. She goes to school, and has a crush on Jake, her personal bodyguard and close friend. But there's also her two best friends, Aubrey and Alexander, him being a commander in her father's army.
Axalia will have to choose her true love, and be broken to pieces. Everyone has a secret past, and she will need to find out everyone's to find out her sister's identity, and save her from harm. This story is about Axalia and her lost twin princess.


1. Close Call

I was shivering. It wasn´t true, it couldn´t be. This... monster isn't the one I had once met, no matter what words it may say, it isn't the one I knew.
I woke up as a pool of water fell directly to my face. I got in a sitting position and was cleaning my eyes before I even opened them. I heard a crash, and saw a brown monkey’s face.
When did a monkey get here? Why is the monkey wearing an apron and dancing? It’s so weird to see. I want to shake my face at her. Should I? How would it feel to dance with a simian? Would a monkey be a good dancer? Or would he/she step on my toes? But I would be taller… then I would have to dance as the male? Wait…. It’s a girl! The dancing monkey with an apron is a girl! Then, could I have a best friend that’s a chimpanzee? She doesn’t have a tail anyway. Ha, the monkey is starting to look suspiciously similar to my maid, Hazel…
Oh, it is Hazel! The female dancing monkey in an apron with brown fur and two left feet is my maid!
Upon further inspection, I saw her mouth moving and her chest heaving up and down rapidly, while beams of sweat fell down her face and into my lap. Her face reflected the feeling of horrification perfectly and into details yet she still moved like a monkey. Apparently there were many rocks falling upon us, from what I could see and understand. With my vision blurry and too much movement, there wasn't much I could see. Yet I couldn't hear anything, despite the fact Hazel was probably screaming at me.
Am I going deaf? Oh no, it won’t hurt, will it? If it does...then I will need to be anesthetized. I hate pain.
“Milady! We have to move! We need to get you out of here! The tower was attacked and the roof is falling and there was an attempt on your life and we have to get out of here already please Milady,” said Hazel as she tried to say it all in one breath, the now cause of her rapid breathing.
She took hold of my robe on the coat rack and gave it to me in order to cover myself. I don't have the tendency most people would think I have of wearing gowns or dresses or whatever its called to sleep. I sleep in shorts. Done.
Huge pieces of ceiling were raining around us like fog under a cascade, with ash as fog and rocks as water.
I jumped out of bed and put my robe on while avoiding the huge rock that fell into the bed. Talk about a close call. We ran toward the door avoiding most obstacles on our way. After we were out of my bedroom, we went to where my study hall usually was, only there was a huge hole in the ground that went from my tower to the first floor replacing it. We turned around and headed towards the hidden emergency tunnel. I was leading my maid since she didn’t know that there was a hidden tunnel (it wouldn’t be hidden or secret then). We barely escaped the many boulders, and were closer to ending up as sheets of paper than I would like.
Hazel immediately turned around when I got to the wall with the tunnel. I pushed in a few circles and buttons and voila, secret passage open. I grabbed Hazel's arm and pulled her inside the tunnel, despite her protests. We ran almost as fast as we could, well I could, and kept together. Her labored breaths and wheezing told me she didn't exercise much. In the middle of the tunnel we found some of the Royal Safety Squadrons on our way. Well, aren't they a tiny little bit LATE?. We were taken to the safety chamber (which wasn’t very safe since everyone knew about it, so we could't stay long), and dismissed almost as fast.
Wanna know why? I've got to go to hell, and I'm late. The demons aren't going to be nice with me if I get there late, not that they're nice when I'm on time either. Those lit corridors and sluts who think they're everything just cause they're "royalty". Loyalty my monkey.
Well, and here I thought I could skip school today, with the whole 'attempt murder' case. In case you didn't get it, my version of hell is school.

Oh, where are manners at this kind of time? Is Manners off today? Well, this is my life. My name is Axalia and I am Princess of Arentia.

Arentia is, as people would say, somewhat like Atlantis, hidden, lost, and with ‘technology’. There was a huge fight between humans, us, and Naentia. Naentia is the twin country of Arentia, only that, even though these two lands are hidden from humans, they are opposites.

I'm horrrible at explaining stuff so please understand. Besides, I almost got killed, I guess I have an excuse to be such in a hurry and not be polite. Here's an explanaition I hope you get.

You see, we used to live among humans. Some of us were thought to be Gods and Goddesses of ancient civilizations, some, as witches, were thought to be bad and demoniac, but we were still respected. Until a few centuries ago, when humans started rebelling against us, we had lived with Naentia in peace.

We, Arentians, were terrified by the showing of violence from humans against us, so we voted and decided that if they didn’t want us, we were going to disappear from their lives forever, and leave them to live as they wanted to live. But, the Naentians had other ideas; they wanted to keep control over humans and started battling against their rebellion, ending the lives of many, both innocent and guilty.

Even if humans were against us, Arentia decided that no living being should die in order to be ‘free’, so we put a little stop to fight humans as we fought Naentia and won. It was not a very bloody battle, since we only used our magic and virtual warriors to fight. Naentia kept its word (for the first time) and retreated with Arentia. We live happy in our big island that can´t be detected by your weird and primitive ways of thinking.

Our kingdom was hidden from people like you by witches, warlocks, fairies, elves, and that kind of stuff. Over time, most of these creatures disappeared, leaving only white witches, warlocks and us inhabiting these lands. There is a rumor that in Naentia there's werewolves and vampires, but no Arentian has been able to officially tell us since any who goes there, never comes back.

We live close to the island of Hawaii, as you call to that land. We have awesome climate, but unlike Hawaii, we have no volcanoes. There are many small towns in Arentia, but there are only 2 empires. We aren't in a fight with the Northern Empire, since I live in the Southern Empire. We're in peace but in search of a way to officially seal the deal.

Enough talk about my kingdom, now let’s start talking about me. I am the next in line to get to the throne, even though I´m just 17.I have red fire hair with a few orange strips, blue eyes and pale skin. My physical characteristics difference me at first sight from normal people so everywhere I go I get recognized as a royal.

I may be the Princess but I still have the same troubles as other teens, like looking good in a dress (which I have to be if I am gonna be watched by everyone in a whole kingdom), thinking about guys, and specially trying to fit in in a group, and I've got guy troubles too...
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