Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


32. They dont understand

Louis's Pov

They expect me to go back on tour and sing just pretend that im okay ? No i simply say to Liam No i cant leave Ariana. But Louis you need to we cant say Hi were one direction because without you were only Liam, Harry Niall and Zayn... replied Liam. Well i guess thats what you guys need to do i promise if Ari wakes up me and her will meet you guys and ill sing okay ? I said rubbing my eyes. Liam nodded but im pretty sure he still wanted me to leave Ariana. Just then The boys and Amanda walked in. Heyyy Louis they said all together. I know guys... im not leaving They all sighed in relief and then Harry spoke. Wait we cant go on tour without Louis its like.. like i world i wouldn't want to live in. Look guys ! i know you all want me to go on tour but i cant leave her not when shes like this you guys just dont understand.... i said turning back to Ariana. 

Arianas Pov

The boys are going on tour.... this is so weird like i cant move or anything but i can hear them. But Louis doesnt want to leave and its all because of me.... Wake up Ari ! Wake up come on Louis has to leave on tour im the one whos holding him back ! I literally mentally slapping myself up. I swear i probably was looking like i was humping the bed right now but.... WAIT !! i can open my eyes!!!

Louis's Pov

Ariana was moving her hands but not that much they looked like they were twitching. Ariana then started squeezing her eyes. DOCTOR !!! i said screaming and getting up and running to her doctor. Ariana shes moving and i dont know whats going on with her ! I said pulling his hand toward her room. He stood there and took out a small flashlight and looked at her eyes then said. Ariana can you hear me ?

Arianas Pov

Oh no derp i sure cant hear you ! *note the sarcasm If you can hear me try to move your hands. Well this is gonna be fun.. I try and move my hands and i guess i moved it because i heard a bunch of gasps. Well now i want to try and open my eyes.... I open them and everything's blurry. I blink again and it's a bit clear.. I open them again and i can see everything. Someone runs there fingers through my hair and i open them again and its the one and only person i want to see right now.. Louis....i faintly say. Ariana yes Ari im here ill never leave your side ever. I smiled at how cute he was then looked at the doctor can you get me some pain killers my arm and head is pounding. Oh yes of course he said snapping back into reality then left. I look to the rest of the boys and Amanda and say can i have a few minutes with Louis please?? i said sticking my bottom lip out. They laughed then said but of course then walked out. I turn my attention back to Louis who looks like hes about to cry. I take his hand and he leans forward to kiss me. I lean just a bit too then we kiss he licked my bottom lip then someone coughed. we pulled away fast and a old lady walked in. Hahaha sorry about that but im guessing you want the pain to go away right ? she said pulling out a needle and filling it up with a liquid. When she put it in my arm she spoke again. No sweetheart what is a beautiful young lady doing in a hospital? I flashed her a smile but then remembered why i was in here then i guess i started tearing up. The lady sits down by me and say oh no im sorry i didnt mean to make you cry.. I shook my head and said no its fine.. Well im in here because i did try to kill myself because a person told me to.... The lady said well how about a happy story? she then Looked at her watch then said ill be on break in a minute soo if this is a long story i have enough time she then flashed me a smile. Well it started when we were kids maybe about 5 when i went outside to play and i saw Louis so i asked him if he wanted to play and it started off from there. But when i was about 9 and a half my dad died and when i was ten my mum made me move with her to California and never got to say goodbye... BUT i said with a smile. My parents let me move back to Doncaster were i ran into Louis. And well i was dared to say who i liked on a beach and turns out we had our first kiss there, Where i remembered him and everything, And where he actually proposed i said probably smiling like dope. Seems like a beach is a very important thing in your life. She said smiling Yeah i guess it is Louis said taking my hand and intertwining it together. The lady smiled and got up but turn around quickly. Excuse me but do you happen to be Louis Tomlinson from One direction ? Louis smiled then said yes i do so happen to be Louis. She then Took her phone out then said my granddaughter just loves you guys ! do you mind if i get a picture of you both ?  I got surprised and pointed to me. And she nodded i shrugged and sat up Louis scooted by me and smiled i did too and she took the picture then Looked at it. She smiled then said thanks then was about to leave when Louis called her back. He grabbed a piece of paper then wrote something on it then asked her what the girls name was then wrote it down and then gave it to me and told me to sign it i did but read it first. Dear Alexis, Hello ! i heard from a very nice lady that your a fan ! or as you guys call it dedicated Directioners. Anyway thank you so much for supporting us either from when we were on x-factor to now. Please keep supporting us we really do appreciate it. By the way Im pretty sure Ariana thanks you for not being that kind of fan that sends her hate... Your Grandmother told us that you Love Ariana and actually see her as a role model. We both Love you ! and will try and follow you back on twitter. Much Love Louis and Ariana xx. Hes so sweet i sighed it next to his name then Gave it to her. She smiled with glee then thanked us again then left. I turn back to Louis to talk about him going on tour please dont resist. Hey Lou ? yeah babe ? You need to Leave on that tour..... i said Looking him dead in the eye. Bu-but why !? he said taking my hands. Because... if you stay here then your letting all your Fans down. And mostly because i will receive more hate because  they will think im hogging you.... i said snuggling up next to him. Ariana no im staying here untill you get better and you cant make me. he simply said and kissed my cheek. Well okay... can you hand me my phone ? i said sticking my bottom lip out. he smiled then handed it to me. I turned it on and was not prepared for what i was about to see...

Authors Note

OMGOSHHH !!! i just reached 101  views !!!! Let us all do the happy dance !! haha thats enough shaking.... just wondering guysss  should i bring Mr.x in here or Haylor.. ? i wana bring some trouble to Ellie and Harrys relationship... LMK in the comments pleaseee! <3 oh yeah.. what do you thinks on her phone something good ? something bad ? IDK just wait till tomorrow !! 



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