Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


28. The unexpected visit....

Ariana's Pov

When we arrived at a sandwich place we were about to get out but Niall and Amanda rushed pass us then ran in the store. We all gave each other looks then laughed stopped then walked in . We ordered our lunch then sit down. Me and Louis decided to annoy the boys by being all cute and stuff. We took small pieces of sandwiches and fed it to each other. Zayn groaned, and Liam sighed Amanda and Niall were too busy eating and Harry was texting someone. I look to Louis and he smiles i step on Harry's foot and he brings his head up slowly and says "bwhat?" I laugh and say Awh little harrys crushing on Ellie !! i probably said that too loud and earned some stares from people. " sorry i mouth out then turn my attention to harry which failed cause he's smiling at his phone. I sigh bring my phone out and text him " so you thinking about asking Ellie out ?" his phone beeps he smiles takes it out then makes a derp face at me. I giggle then get a message from him saying yes but ill do it in STYLE ;) i laugh then reach down on my plate to find nothing.  I look at Louis and he shrugs i look at Amanda and shes eating it !  She laughs and i sigh, come on boys and girls lets go homeee. We all get up and get in the car. We drive to my Flat then we run upstairs we run inside then close the door. Louis runs in the bathroom and shuts it i have a evil grin on my face. i quickly run and find a pen and paper and write down " Louis i love you so much dont forget that but.... i cant.... goodbye <3 Ariana xx" i tell the boys the plan to fake cry and to record it all then i run out. i go for a walk because of how beautiful it was out. As i walk out i notice a car that has this beautiful girl with brown hair probably a model pulling up into a stall. I shrug then continue walking. i see a bench then sit i wait for two minutes and nothing i check my phone, no miss calls, no nothing. I get scared then run back to my flat.

Zayns Pov

When Louis came out i start recording he walks to the table and sees the note. He picks it up reads it and starts crying. Where did she go why did she leave !! was all he said we start laughing and he looks pissed off. Oh Lou thats a lie she pranked you i say still recording but he doesnt stop crying i need to hear it from her was all he said. I nod leave my phone on the couch tell the boys and Amanda to follow and we leave to find Ariana.

Arianas Pov

I get to my floor and sprint to the door but its open. I hesitate then walk in. I really wish i didnt because the girl i saw puling into the parking stall was in here kissing Louis. I feel the tears falling, my heart blasting in pain. I shake my head look at my ring i reach for it pull it off then look at Louis who looks horrified. I throw the ring and say what Louis is this your sister again ?! He opens his mouth but i cut him off goodbye Louis.... I turn to the girl who has this " haha good for you Louis's mine now bitch" look on her face i turn around but whisper bitch then walk out Louis starts screaming " NO ARIANA LET ME EXPLAIN " i turn to face him and say Louis theres nothing to explain... I love you.... then run out. On my way out i see The boys and Amanda running in They stop and say in unison " What happened" ? I walk to zayn hug him and say Thank you for being there when i need advice. I hug Liam and say Thank you for being there, I hug Harry and saw Please be good to Ellie shes been hurt before. I turn to Niall hug him and say Thank you for being there for Amanda, I cry harder when i see Amanda I hug her tight and say Amanda i Love you thank you for being there for me through thick and thin.  I whisper into Amanda's ear  If you find out the truth about this whole mess, Hawaii, tree or at Brandons house. I just cant face Louis right now, but dont tell them where i am right away. I let go and give Amanda a sad sweet smile and say bye. I run off and call for a taxi i get in right away and saw Airport please. We drive off and pass by my building and i see Louis run down crying Amanda walking toward him and she looks PISSED ! then bam a slap across his face all by Amanda. i turn away because When Louis turned he saw me. I turn back around then see Louis running after the taxi. I put my head down and whisper I Love you Louis but please dont chase after the car. I turn back around and see Louis on the road and 4 boys picking him up. I get a text from Amanda saying Hun when should i tell them i know where you are ? i sigh and say after a day or two i need time to think... i send it and look through my photos. That made time pass by fast because im at the airport already. I pay the guy and get out, I walk into the airport pay for my ticket. then sit down waiting for my plane to be called. When it does i slowly get up, give the lady my ticket and walk into the tunnel thingy then get to my seat. When i sit down theres two fifteen girls sitting down and one recognizes me and says wheres Louis? I shrug and sit down The same girl speaks again and asks for a picture. I nod, fake a smile and take the picture. She smiles and says thanks i nod and say no problem.I shut my phone off and decide to take a nap.  


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