Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


23. The tree

Authors message ! : oh yeah guys two chapters today cause i have nothing to do and yeah.... what do you think Arianas going to do huh ?

Arianas Pov

She was my sister.... that voice rang in my eyes and i started crying and thinking.... i messed up its my fault. Louis held my hand and said its okay Ariana you didnt know.... i just shook my head and said im so sorry i got up ran out the back door onto the beach i kept running till i saw a tree i used to climb when i was a kid i climbed it and cried when i heard voices i stopped and listened i heard Amanda and the boys voices they were screaming my name Amanda stopped where i was and said hey i know this tree Ari used to climb it when she was mad she told me about it. Louis spoke and said do you think shes up there ? noo Amanda said sounding sarcastic i climbed higher and hid by a branch Louis climbed up then fell they still didnt see me i heard crackling and then i got scared and looked behind me the branch was falling.... i fell with the branch and landed on my arm man did that hurt ! i started crying even more and Amanda and the boys came to me and said Ariana are you okay ! i shook my head and said no my arm-- i think- its broken ! Louis screamed oh hell no im bringing you to a hospital ! he carried me bridal style grabbed my keys and phone and we ran in the car i continued crying the whole way there cause i never broke my arm before and it hurt so much we we got to a hospital Louis started screaming help me please my girlfriends hurt ! oh well i guess were dating again i didnt mind i love Louis. Next think i know i m in a room lying down and the only person in the room is Louis and hes crying. i broke a promise i told myself i wouldn't hurt you anymore and i did.. twice ! i so sorry Ariana this is all my fault i didnt mean to make you feel guilty and im so sorry i shut him up by kissing him and like how every kiss is suppose  to feel like i felt it the sparks the butterflies everything. i pulled away and smiled he smiled back and said what was that for ? i laughed and said a way to get you to shut up with that Louis held my hand a doctor came in and said your arms broken and you need a cast what color would you like ? i thought about it and asked for blue soon after he came in with a bunch of wrapping stuff then put a blue tape thingy one then said dont get the cast wet or anything i nodded and we went in the waiting room they all started talking asking me questions but of course Harry asked are you guys still dating ? i turn to Louis and he said yes we are so no touchy touchy he said shaking his pointer finger. I laughed and Liam spoke we have a signing thing today at 2 i screamed YAY !!! more fans to talk to ! we all laughed and headed home to change. i decided to wear a shirt i got from forever 21 that was a baby blue color collared shirt some white shorts and some matching baby blue toms i painted one hand white then realized i couldn't paint the other one so i called Amanda she sat down painted my nails then left i laughed then put a pearl bracelet on then my ring Louis got me that said forever and Always. i curled my hair then put a pink colored lipstick on and some turquoise colored eye shadow. i went in the living room and Louis was downstairs already and to my surprise he was wearing a white shirt with baby blue strips and some red jeans and white toms. i sat by him and said look were matching ! he looked at me and smiled we were about to kiss when Amanda,Niall, Liam,Zayn, and harry ran down screaming. Amanda was wearing a baby blue collared shirt like me but she had studs on her shoulders she also wore some black shorts her hair was curled and was wearing her white high tops. we ran into a van that pulled up outside and drove downtown then stopped at blazedell  center we ran out because there were so many fans we ran to a table were there were 7 seats. Liam sat at the end then niall then Amanda then me then Louis then Zayn then Harry. i wasnt signing anything i was drawing so the signing began. Lots of girls were asking what happened to my hand and was asking if i was okay and stuff. It was so boring and a sweet girl noticed and gave me some silly string and looked at Louis i thanked her and asked for her twitter she gave it to me and i followed her she got all excited and said thank you Ariana and turned to Louis and said your so lucky to have her Louis smiled and said yes i am. i walked up to paul and said stop the line he nodded and stopped it i sat back down and when Louis wasnt looking i screamed  SILLY STRING TIMEE !!!!! with that i sprayed the boys mostly Louis and some fans i started laughing like crazy then fell back wards i still laughed it was so funny Louis picked me up and laughed at me " Thats what happends when you mess with me ! " he said laughing i laughed too and the line started again. i got bored once again so i was just playing on my phone when i heard a group of girls laughing i look and there pointing at me i shrugged and when they came closer a blond girl stopped at me and said i dont see what Louis sees in you, your so ugly Louis pulled her and her friends to the side and then i ran not looking back or anything.

Louis Pov

I pulled the girl that called Ariana ugly over so i could talk to her. I looked at her and said what did you say to her ? she looked at her hands and said i called her ugly, why ? i said bluntly because she is ! she said smiling i got mad and said well your not a real fan i cant believe we have fans like you and with that i turned away and looked for Ariana i found her in front of a mirror i sighed and came to her i took her hand and said Ariana stop, your beautiful ! she smiled and said thanks tell you what when we finish signing i will take you on a romantic dinner for a surprise. she smiled and said sounds like fun. we walked back hand in hand and sat down i whispered to Zayn " Mate today im going to ask Ariana to marry me " He smiled and said Good luck.   

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