Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


19. The Restaurant

Arianas Pov

While we were leaving the concert there a group of girls saw us and asked for the boys signature, Looked at me and Amanda and smiled can we have a autograph and A picture i smiled and said yeah sure. They grabbed a phone out and gave it to Louis me and Amanda smiled with the girls and Louis took the picture then gave it back. When they saw the picture they just TOTALLY "fangirled" i laughed they were so cute i signed then Amanda did i asked for the girls twitter without hesitation they gave it to me and followed them, They looked at there Phone and jumped up and down oh my gosh Louis's girlfriend's following me ! i smiled and said bye to them and we left. My phone beeped and i had one of the girls named Mae post something about me saying how i followed them and how i was so good at singing and so pretty. Then i got thousands of  followers i showed Louis and he Laughed. When the car stopped we got in our hotel rooms to grab our wallets and purses then went back in the car. We drove for a while but i didnt take my eyes off of my phone because People kept following me i decided to write " Directioners are so sweet, there so pretty too thank you guys so much for all the followers <3 " and posted it suddenly i got a bunch of re tweets and likes but had to shut my phone off because of all the beeping . When we got there we all got out and Liam said reservations for One direction ? The guy looked at a computer and said Ah right here follow me right this way and lead us to a booth. I sat at the end Louis,Harry,Liam,Zayn, Niall, Then Amanda all followed after me. we Talked and talked about how i was so popular now and how the girls at the concert didnt even ask for a picture with the boys i laughed and said there there boys. A girl maybe in her twenty's wearing some black short shorts with a V neck pulled down way too Low and wearing a black vest and some Black heels came up to us not looking up from her notepad saying " Hi my name is Destiny ill be your waiter tonight, so lets start off with some drinks then Looked up and her eyes directly went to Louis and her eyes went Big. Oh my gosh your Louis ( she said it like Lewis) i raised one eyebrow and Louis spoke uh yeah no my names LOUIS ! she turned pink and said yeah i know i was just testing you. So uh i was just wondering, do you want to take me out on a date sometime she said twirling her hair and sticking her butt out. Louis laughed and said uh yeah sorry no i cant i have a girlfriend, Thats okay she doesn't need to know she said again. Slut harry said coughing we smirked And she said still waiting on that answer, No ! my girlfriends here and i would never cheat on her Louis said taking my hand so she could see it she clutched her fists and said thats okay i have a boyfriend already and with that she walked away we all laughed and called a new waiter he got our drinks then we ordered our food. I needed to use the bathroom and said ill be in the bathroom i got up and left. When i got in the bathroom i did my business and looked in the mirror and applied some lip balm then she walked in. i stepped back and destiny walked toward me and said " Look, Louis is mine and not yours he's only dating you because he feels bad about it your ugly, fat and dress like a boy who wears something that doesn't revel anything  when she said the last part she pushed me down and walked out. i started crying what if she was right i got up and brushed myself off washed my hands and made my way back to the table . When i sat down i broke and started bawling my eyes out on Amanda's shoulder she rubbed my back and when i stopped well kinda stopped but it wasn't that hard anymore i looked up and she said what happened i look around the table and everyone starring at me with a worried look. i opened my mouth but no words came out i had this lump in my throat like when you swallow a pill without drinking any thing to help it go down. then i finally spoke While i was in the bathroom the girl named Destiny came up to me and told me that Louis's only dating me because he feels bad for me and that im fat,ugly, that i dress like a boy and then she pushed me down. i looked at all of them Louis clutched his teeth without saying anything he got up and started walking to the waitress and then Niall,Zayn,Harry, and even Liam had this angry look on there faces and stood up to follow Louis. I said no guys wait im fine i swear ! they just shook there heads and kept walking. i sighed and watched them talk to her at first she touched Louis and said something Louis pushed her hand away and then she shook her head then a guy came to them wearing a suit probably the manager he rubbed his eyes then reached his hand out destiny took something off and put it in his hand and stormed off the guys shook Louis's hand and then left. The boys walked back to me and sat down like nothing happened i probably looked so confused because Amanda chuckled and said what happened ? Harry spoke and said Louis went all swagmasta from doncaster on her and snapped his fingers in a Z formation i laughed at that then Turned to Louis and said what happened Babe ? he sighed and said no one should treat you like that so i went to talk to her and dumb ugh person pretended she didnt do anything so i wanted to talk to the Manager and i did and she got fired and we get free dinner with desert tonight and smiled. i hugged him and said thank you he kissed my cheek no problem. I turned to The rest of the boys and said thank you guys too. they said no problem then our food came we ate then we had desert, i had a crepe an so did Louis, Amanda and Niall shared a type of cake, Harry,Zayn all got Macaroons. we finished and left to go and pack because we had to leave Paris to go to Hawaii. I was so excited because i had family members who owned beach houses there and my Aunt on my dads side lives in Hawaii so im so happy! so when we got in the hotel room i was skipping and Louis thought in was funny so he skipped with me and we packed our clothes together well for some parts he packed my house clothes and my outfits when we finished it was 6:17 so we grabbed our luggage's and met the boys and Amanda outside. We drove for about two hours and 5 minutes then arrived at the airport. We ran inside because our plane was being called then got inside in Plane. We sat like me with Louis, Niall with Amanda and Liam,Zayn,Then harry on the three seats right by me and Louis. I was so tired so i fell asleep on Louis shoulder i could tell he took a picture cause i heard a *snap sound i was going to look at my phone but hey ill see it tomorrow in Hawaii. Goodbye Paris  Hello Hawaii and shopping Malls ! 

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