Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


12. The Places

Arianas Pov

i had such a weird dream last night, it wasn't really a dream but more like flash backs and just pictures of dreams and such. When i woke up Louis wasn't here i look around and see a note on the door i get up and walk to it i read it and it says " Ariana good your awake, well me and the boys had to go and do something today but we will be back as soon as possible but while were gone get ready were going for a walk some where to jog your memory." I just shrugged and went shower i got out and picked my clothes. i looked through my closet picked some black colored shorts with a grey V neck i walked over to my make up table and there was another note. " oh i forgot don't forget to pack your bathing suit :) love Louis <3 " hes being so sweet and i cant believe i don't remember him i wish i did.... i walked over to my drawer and picked my bikini  i got a mint green bathing suit with a little bow on the side of my bottom. i put it on and changed my outfit instead i put on my jean shorts and a super man shirt that hung over my shoulder i decided to just put some water proof eyeliner and mascara on. when i finished i left my hair natural, curly. i went downstairs and there was Louis coming up " oh hey i was just coming to get you Louis said smiling i smiled back and he said ready to go ? i nodded and said ready we ran down and they all said have fun ! first we ran into Louis car and drove off i asked where are we going ? he looked at me and said surprise i laughed and said Louis? Yes Ariana ? why did you fall in love with me? i said looking at him . He looked at me and said ive been in love with you since we were kids i loved how you had that kid personality the way you always look on the bright side of things, how your not that person who really cares what people say as long as your happy, and how you say you hate your eyes how you hate your hair and wish it was straight and how you say your fat but to me your always perfect no one could ever take my heart ever because you stole it when we were little and you took it to California and came back to me i knew it was a sign you were made for me. i cried and said im sorry i cant believe i don't even remember you and your trying so hard to help me remember things thank you so much. He looked at me and hugged me and said if i didn't care for you i wouldn't be doing all these things i promise i wont hurt you and no one will ever hurt you any more. i smiled at him and i got a flashback of a swing he asked what happened and i said i just... got a flashback of a swing  don't know what that means either he nodded and said that's okay he took my hand and said ready to remember things ? i said ready as ever can be we walked out and Louis took us to this couple store he said this is where we got our matching T-shirts which you wearing right now pointing to my shirt and took me to this wall that had " Happy and cute couples <3 " Louis looked at it and so did i and he said Oh here it is he pointed to it and it had me and him wearing our shirts and posing like superman i smiled and said i wish i could remember that he did a half smile and said don't worry i have a bunch more places for you to remember he took my hand and we ran out we got in the car and drove to this Park with swings he said this is the place we used to go when we were little and would always race each other to the swings i smiled and he said two more places we drove and stopped in a neighborhood in front of a house and he said this is where we first met and became the best of friends. we took off and  drove then we got to the beach we got out and he took my hand we sat on the grass under a tree and he said this is  where you told me you like me and oh oh oh he said pulling me to the sand this is where i asked you out and you said yes and that made me the most happiest person in the world when we sat on the sand he said perfect timing i said what and i looked the sun was setting and Louis took my hand and said this was our first kiss when he said that all these memories came into mind everything Louis The boys when i came here and bumped in to Louis when he asked me out our day at the mall everything i didn't remember.. i remembered i brought my hands to my eyes and started tearing up Louis said im sorry im overwhelming you i wiped my tears and said no, no your not boobear and smiled he looked at me like i was crazy and i said I remember He smiled and said Omg Ari i missed you so much  i said i missed you too and kissed him he kissed back and just like our first kiss i felt the sparks the butter flies in my stomach and that warmth in my cheeks he pulled away and hugged me and whispered im so glad your back, i love you Ariana. i hugged back and said good to be back i Love you too Louis he took my hand looked at the water and had this mysterious look on his face before i reacted he took me carried me over his shoulder and threw me in the water i laughed and said Oh  Lou you trouble maker we both dove under water and kissed when we got back up for air he said now i can cross that off my bucket list i smiled and said time to tell the Boys and Amanda the good news.


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