Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


30. The payne.. (see what i did there ? ;D)

Arianas Pov

He was leaning in.. i was leaning in.... we were just inches away then i stopped. I backed away and Liam made a worried face then put his hands to his face. im so sorry Ariana i didnt mean to... this is all my fault.. its just that... Danielle she broke up with me she couldnt take the hate and how we were never seeing each other   he said stopping inbetween words.I pulled his hand away from his face and said Liam its not your fault.. its mine too i was leaning too and Liam its okay im here for you right ?. Just then my phone just starts quacking and i look at the caller Id and it says Zaynnnn<3xx.  I show Liam and he nods H-Hello ? i said stammering over my words.  Ariana ? he said sounding disbelief. No zayn im just a random fan who is acually talking to Zayn Malik ! i said trying to sound all fangirl and stuff. He chuckled and said i thought you wouldn't answer... Well zayn this is acually a voice mail leave a message at the beep.. *Beeeepppp!* i said screaming into the phone then chuckling to myself. Ariana i know where ever you are i kinda need you to come back to england. I have proof that Louis didnt cheat on you and booyakisha ! ima be saving your wedding and you relationship ! said Zayn sounding happy at the last part. Oh yeah and by the way have you seen Liam we woke up and he was gone... Said Harry  probably just got up and heard me talking to Zayn. I turn to Look at Liam and he holds his finger up to his mouth and says shhh.  I laugh silently and say nope havent seen him but ill be over there soon okay ? yeah uh okay seee you then said Zayn sounding confused i quickly hung up and said come on Liam time to go back home. He nodded and we both got up and went inside. Liam called for a taxi and i sat on the couch. When Liam finished he sat down next to me then it hit me. Liam !? i said kinda panicking Yes ari he said Looking me dead in the eye. Is the girl i saw kissing Louis .. his ex girlfriend ? I said with my heart pounding Very slowly Liam nodded his head. I threw my hands in my face and started crying Liam started patting my back softly then i stopped. Why didnt Louis stop her he's stronger ! How the hell did she know where we are ! Doesnt she know Louis engaged ! We were perfectly fine together ! Why does everyone want to hurt me its always like this ! And why would Eleanor come back for Louis... ?!  I said standing up Liam just looked stunned he never saw me yell it was always Amanda or Louis. I never yelled all because i was always dying inside and always hurt. Look Ari, I know your mad and confused but just wait has Zayn ever done something that doesn't help at all ? Liam said rubbing his hands together I nodded then turned the T.V on. A gossip show was on. We have some news people ! We have some pictures of Louis Fiance Ariana Mae Manuel Leaving One Directions Hotel crying. We wondered why then we saw it.. Louis's Ex girlfriend Eleanor has been spotted Entering the hotel and then Leaving shortly after Ariana. Listen to what Harry styles another band member of one direction has to say about Ariana and Louis's brake up. I knew they wouldn't last said harry covering the camera then walking into the hotel. I stare at the T.v then Liam shuts it off quickly after. Tears fall i don't stop them. I start thinking Harry knew we wouldn't last... Fans think im fat and ugly. I go on twitter and there's more fans saying im fat and ugly and how i was only using him to get people to hear me sing. Then i come across a hastag saying #staystrongAriana  and #yourbeautifulAriana and the last one than makes me cry with happiness. #LouisandArianaareperfecttogether. then i decide to Tweet something while Liam went outside on the phone. Thanks to the fans who where so nice to me but i guess people knew me and Louis weren't going to last.. even one of my friends said so. i tweet it then Harry's name shows up. @Ariana_Mae they changed my words around ! they asked me a different question ! Please Answer your phone... I then get a call from Harry I answer but don't say anything. Ariana please come to the hotel we need to talk to you now ! Harry says but sounds like he's crying then hangs up. I cry harder then Liam comes inside grabs my purse and Me then Carries me inside a car. We drive but i don't stop crying. Everything hurtful came into mind when i was bullied as a kid and couldn't do anything to me dad dying. I end up crying myself to sleep then wake up in a plane but to the looks of it, it looked like a private jet. Liams Asleep and a voice goes over We will be landing soon ! I shake my head and then  remember everything that happened. We land and i wake up Liam but he puts his hands up like hes in Karate then drops then when he sees me. We walk out then get into a black car with tinted windows. We drove for two hours then arrive at the hotel. We walk out and i see fans outside. When they see me they come toward me and hug me. They let go and they smile i smile back and then walk in. We get in the elevator and stop at the 5th floor. We get out then stop at room 5a Liam goes in first then i go in after. Harrys in the corner Zayn is holding Louis back and Niall and Amanda are eating. But when they see me they run toward me but let go because my phone beeps. I take it out then Look at it its from twitter. @Ariana_Mae  is ugly and should just die no one likes her anyway, Ariana just do us all a favor and just die ! I start crying then reply. Yeah.. your right then drop my phone then run into the bathroom then lock it. They all start banging on the door and telling me to open the door. I find a razor then scream Go look at my phone ! do you see that !? no one likes me ! Zayn then speaks " Ariana dont liste- " No Zayn thats all you guys can say ! dont you know how hard it is ?  Even Harry gets hate ! All of you guys do and you listen i know you do ! Niall you got braces because of people making fun of your teeth, Zayn you get made fun of because of your religion. Why doesnt Amanda get hate ? its always me... Look guys i love you but i cant take it anymore... things would be better without me right ? The banging grows louder and the knob starts shaking. I raise the blade and put it by my skin i breath and slid it across. The pain grows but it feels good. I do it again and Again then i feel light headed then fall to the ground. The last thing i remember... The door opening and sirens and being carried on to a gurney. I open my eyes one last time and see fans crying and asking Louis and the boys what happened. But Louis stays by my side i feel something go on my finger and i look down. My wedding ring. Then my eyes drop... Then suddenly i cant feel anything anymore. And the pain it- its gone.

Authors note

Muhahaha guys cliff hanger ! What do you think happens to Ariana and why do you think Amanda doesnt get hate ? Comments !! 

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