Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


41. The move in

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* 3 weeks pasted*

No ones Pov

Over the three weeks Louis and Ariana have found a house. Its three stories, its white and its just beautiful. One floor is the living room and kitchen, The second floor is Louis's and Arianas floor. there is 5 rooms, one room is for Arianas clothes, purses, and shoes, and makeup. Another is for a playroom for her and Lou. one room is for Lou's clothes and man stuff. And they share a bedroom. Lastly Lou's man cave. the third floor is for the boys when they come to visit. Today they finally finished the move ins and now are finally going to stay in there new house.

Arianas Pov

Today's the big day ! we finally finished unpacking and the house looks wonderful ! Me and Lou high fived each other and then sat down on the couch. So what do we do now ? Louis said looking at me. We could  do a twitcam ? I said raising one eyebrow. Louis got up and ran up the stairs to get the laptop. When he came down he put it on the table then get on twitter and put. " Twitcam today ! with a special guest !" then he put the link on. We set it up then i said is it on ? Louis shrugged then i screamed " Nice Job babe you broke it ! " Not ! he said crossing his arms over his chest. "Yes its like that one time you set the microwave on fire !" I said setting my head on his shoulder. That was one time !! Louis said defending himself. Awh okay Boobear im sorry do you forgive me ? I said sticking out my bottom lip. Louis smiled and said of course and kissed me. Then my phone rang and i answered it. " Hello ?" "You do know that the twitcam is working right ? " Harry said chuckling into the phone. My eyes widened and i quickly hung up. I burst out laughing and so did Lou. So apparently It was working ! Louis said rubbing the back of his head. Loads of comments started popping up. Most of them saying where are we. I laughed then Louis said " Me and Ariana moved in with each other ! so were in our new house " My phone rang again and the caller Id was Zayn. (Phone convo)  Ariana- Hello Zayn,  Zayn- Hey Ari yeah weres your guys new house were comming over  Ariana- Oh yeah you just drive-- I slowly look at the camera and laugh ahaha ill text you zayn and hung up. Ahahah you guys almost found out where me and Lou live !  I text Zayn the way to our house then I go in the kitchen while Louis talks to the fans. I grab twix (Aka the BEST candy alive) and walk back out. Ahh i see you found your favorite candy said Louis kissing my cheek. I nodded and said " If you guys see me and hand me twix I will LOVEE you forever ! " A bunch of fans started saying " kay" and" Like Harry ! " I nodded then a fan wrote " can we see your ring Ariana ?" I gladly nodded then showed them it. the same person wrote " Wow thats a beautiful ring " I nodded then said it is. Another fan asked how he proposed. I told them the story and they all said " Awhh ! " While Louis was answering questions my eyes felt heavy and i fell asleep. I heard Louis say " Awh guys look Ariana fell asleep, i gotta go put her to bed so night guys ! " I wake up and im in my bedroom. I go inot my clothes room and change into my coke pj's. I put my hair in to a messy bun and go down stairs. I see the boys and girls arrived and There watching a scary movie. I HATE  scary movies so i try and walk up the stairs without making noise but failed. All heads turn on me and i say im not watching a scary movie ! Louis gets up and says yes you are and run after me. I quickly run up the stairs to the second floor and i run into my makeup room. I hide in my closet that rotates and sit in the corner. I hear Louis breathing and saying " Gotcha !" I sneeze and i scream SHIT ! i cover my mouth quickly and i hear running. Next thing you know the closets turning and Louis standing there in his matching Coke pj's. I smile huge and he picks me up and carries me down stairs. By the time where there the movie ends and i stick my tongue out at Louis and he says you win this time ! i laugh and say Lou you can put me down now. He chuckles and says i totally knew that Amanda screams and says I love your house it so big ! I nod and say wait you saw the whole house already ? They shake there head no and i laugh then what are you waiting for ! Lets go !  i jump on Lou's back and say to the second  floor ! They all laugh and Louis runs up the stairs. we stop at Lou's Mancave and we walk in. There's a mini fridge with drinks two huge flat screen T.v's and games. We walk out and we go to my make up, clothes,shoes, jewelry, and all that stuff. Amanda and the girls run in and say im in HEAVEN !! i giggle and say its nice right ? With the light pink walls, and polished white marble tiles and white couch in the middle of the room it looked very princessy. We walked into me and Lou's playroom and Harry crosses his hands across his chest and says " really a playroom ? " me and Lou nod our head vigorously and laugh. We show them Lou's closet which was the same as mine but the walls were blue and the floor was white. We show them our bedroom and then lead them to the third floor. We show them to there rooms and the first thing Harry does is jump on the beds. We all laugh and then there's a knock on the door. I run down and answer it. There's a guy standing there holding a box of pizza. I scream and say " BABBEE ?" Louis soon comes down and says ope yeah the pizzas here. Louis hands the guy the money and runs into the kitchen. I close the door and jog into the kitchen i grab a plate and a slice of pizza. we start eating and we soon head up to sleep. * 5 hours past * I hear a crash and my eyes shoot open. I turn and see Louis's sleeping. I grab a bat from under the bed and slowly walk down to the kitchen were i heard the noise. I grip the bat in my hand and jump and quickly turn the light on. Only to see Niall there making a sandwich with his hands up. I sigh in relief and slowly put the bat down. whats the bat for ? Niall says pointing to the bat. I smile and say i thought you were a killer. He chuckles and says night. I smile back and say night ! don't forget to clean up and with that i go back to bed.  

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