Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


40. the hunt

Authors note

Hey guys im sorry if this chapter is terrible. Something bad happened today and all i really want to do now i go in a corner and cry. 

Arianas Pov

I walked through the park and suddenly i get a text message from Louis. I groan and unlock my phone and read the text. " Babe im sorry i forgot but, ill make it up to you ! come back home please ?"  I smile and reply back saying " Alright Tomlinson ill be there soon ;)". I walk back to my flat and open the door no ones home. I walk to the kitchen and find a note with a rose on the table. I pick up the rose and smell it. I grab a vase and pour some water into it. And grabbed the rose and inserted it into the water. I grab the note and read it. " Babeeee, time for your surprise, come and find me :) drive to Doncaster and go to your old house, Knock on the door" I smile grab my keys and run outside to my car. I hop in and quickly drive to my old house. When i get out i slowly walk to the door and knock. A young looking couple opened the door and smiled. I returned the smile and the girl spoke. "So you must be Ariana?" I nodded and they handed me another rose and a note. I grabbed it and said thanks and walked away. I opened the note and it said " Almost halfway there boo ! <3 go to my mums house for your next clue" I laughed and ran across the street. I knocked and Lou's sister Lottie opened the door. She smiled and handed me a note and of course a rose. I hugged her and went back to my car. I opened the note and read " Go to the park we always played at as a kid !<3". I drove off and came out to the same little old park. I walked over to the playground and no one was around. I walked to the swings and saw of course a note and a rose. I open the note and read it. " Drive to our Most favorite icecream shop ! <3" I ran to my car and drove off to the icecream shop and opened the door. I walked to the counter where the same old lady who owns the shop greeted me. " Hello ! Ariana you've grown so big such a beautiful young girl" I laughed and said same to you Mrs. Garcia. She went into the back and returned back with the same thing everyone has given me. I thank her and go on my way. I hop into my car and read the note. " Hello sweetie !  go to our old school <3" I drive down to the school and go into the office. The office lady handed me the note and rose and i left. I open the note and it simply says " Go to the flower shop"  I bit my lower lip and drive to the flower shop. On the window theres a sign that reads " Ariana" and a arrow pointing toward a note and a rose. I grab the note and it says " Go to the movie theater " I pull the tape off the rose and head down to my car. I turn the car on and drive to the movie theater. I get out and there's Paul standing there holding my rose and note. He hands me it and smiles " Happy anniversary " He says. I smile back and say thanks. I open the hopefully last note and it says go to the "old warehouse" I walk down the street then stop at a blue and red building. I open the door and stand there with amazement. There were lights coming down from the top and it just looked magical. Louis pops out and walks over to me with a sign on him saying " You found me !" I hug him and he pulls out a fake rose and kisses my forehead. He whispers into my ear and says " Ill love you till this rose dies" I smile and he leads me to a table where there's a candle in the middle. He pulls out my chair so i could sit down and goes to his seat. Amanda,Ellie and Hayley pop out with two plates of spaghetti and bread sticks. They place it down in front of us and hug me. They walk back into the door and Harry,Liam,Niall, and Zayn come out and walk onto the stage with microphones. Me and Louis dig in as They sing the song Louis wrote me called Truly madly deeply. Louis grabs my hand and says "Ariana i want you to Move in with me." I shed tears of joy and nod my head in agreement. When we finish Louis takes my hand and leads me to the dance place and we slow dance as The boys sing Moments. 

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