Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


43. the Big Big Big day

Authors Notee <3 hai guys im like so sorry i didnt update in like some what dayyss... Anywayy i once again was depressed and stuff but then a reader helped me and stuff potatoes ! Uhm i want to thank Hayley.Tomlinson for it and like shes so sweet ! and also all the others who kiked me and followed me on instagram !<3  Please keep following means alot to me ! <3 

Ariana's Pov

* The day of the wedding *

Last night was a bit of a blur. Me the girls, and the boys flew out to Hawaii for our wedding. When we arrived we went our separate ways. The girls and i went to our hotel room while the boys went to there's. 

*12 hours past *

I woke up to Amanda shaking me up and saying " Wake up beautiful its your big day ". Nerves caught on. I got up and went to use the bathroom. I washed my face and looked myself in the mirror and said " Ariana this is your big day, your marrying the love of your life, you'll do fine " I took a deep breath and walked out. I hugged my bridesmaid's and my maid of honor. " LETS DO THIS POO ! " i said jumping into the seat so the makeup and hair people can do my makeup and hair. The girls did the same. When i finished i just looked- Wow. My eyes looked very natural and made my greyish blueish eyes pop. My hair was simple, curled then had one piece from each side bobbie pined to the back of my head. my cheeks looked almost as if i was blushing and my lips were a nude pink. i looked at my wrist were the cuts were and asked if they cover it in makeup. They did as told and i went to put some things on. I put on my blue heart neckless, I put on my old earrings from when i was a kid. I also added my new charm bracelet i got from my mum, lastly i put on my Aunts silver bracelet she had when she got married. Amanda helped me get on my dress and shoes. While Amanda, ellie Hayley and my other cousin Ashley put on there grey dresses someone knocked on the door. I go to answer it and there's a guy standing there with a cart. He wheels it in and hands me a note and a rose then leaves. I open the note and read it. " Cant wait to marry you ! <3 I love you so much and i cant wait to see you, enjoy the breakfast and your starbucks. ~ Much Love your soon to be husband Louis." I giggled and The girls came out and asked what this was. I handed them the note and he all " AWHHED ! " i laughed then handed them plates and we ate. I brushed my teeth and finally my flowers arrived. White Roses. The photographers arrived and said we needed to head down so we could take pictures.We went down to stair case and there waiting at the end was Louis with his back turned. My stomach did a HUGEEE flip. When i reached the end the photographers video taped Louis reaction. I stood inches away from him and Harry turned him around. I look up and smile. Louis just stands there with his mouth open and he finally snaps back in reality. We take our pictures and finally the wedding starts. The guest sit down in the chairs on the grass. The music starts and a person starts playing a harp and Flute and it's just wonderful. The priest, Louis, Harry,Liam,Niall and Zayn walk out in there tuxs. The brides maids walk out and then my maid of honor. The flower girls walk out along with the ring bearer. I look to my step dad and he hugs me. Then they start playing " Here comes the bride" My step dad takes my hand and we walk out there. I take my first five steps and i look down and smile. I turn to my left and see my friends and family members, i turn to my right and i see Louis's family members. I look straight ahead and see Louis smiling i smile back and my Step dad gives my hand to Louis. Louis gladly takes it and then it begins. We say our vows and then the rings come, we put them on. The priest now says " Anyone one who doesnt want these people to be together speak now or forever hold your peace " (Or whatever they say) Just then Eleanor walks in. All heads turn to her and she mouths the words " Sorry" and then she sits now. I sigh and Louis gives me a reassuring smile. I turn my head back to El and mouth the words " Thank you " She just nodded. The priest then said " I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs Tomlinson " You may kiss the bride"  Louis and me smiled and he tipped me to the side and we both kissed.  Everyone cheered and me and Lou walked down holding hands and smiling. Halfway there we kissed and everyone screamed again. Everyone headed up to the ballroom for lunch While me an Lou signed our papers. We soon headed up to eat. While everyone was seated Liam and Hayley walked inside holding hands and smiling. Zayn and Ellie, Ashley and Harry then Niall and Amanda. Then it was time for me and Louis. We walked through the door smiling and holding hands while people cheered. We sat down on out table which was on a pedestal. Guest were excused to go get there foods while servers gave all of us our food. We ate then we had our cake. Then it was time for The father daughter dance. I got up and so did my step dad. We dance and halfway through the dance he started saying how sorry he was for abusing me. Soon the dance stopped then it was time for Louis and his mum to dance. After the dance it was finally time for me and Louis to dance. He gladly took my hand and we danced with my head on his shoulder. I took my head up and Louis said " You Know i Love you so much " I blushed and said " Oh No Louis i love you far so much " I kissed my cheek and said " I love your eyes " I giggled and said " Your eyes are beautiful" I louis laughed and said " I love you childhood Bestfriend " I smiled and said " I love you too Childhood best friend". The slow dance ended and everyone clapped. Then it was time for a fun thing. The boys and Amanda,Ellie,Ashley, And Amanda filled out a paper with things saying what candy reminds you of Ariana and What bug reminds you of Louis. They first read out Amandas. " I think sour patch kids reminds me of Ariana because of how shes so mean when you first meet her because she wants to see if you ould put up with her, while after she gets to know you shes like the sweetest girl you'll ever meet" I laughed when she put for Louis " Louis reminds me of a bee because of how hardworking he is and how if you piss him off hes not afraid of showing you his stinger. " Harry laughed then said " But his stingers in the front " Everyone laughed even harder. We continued with the letters then The best man and My brides maid was going to give a speech. Harry stood up and said " I havent known Louis for A long time but already i can see that he's very much in Love with Ariana. I may have gotten on Both of there bad sides but im Lucky enough to have them forgive me after what a horrible friend ive been. Ariana and Louis last long ! I love you guys both !" We clapped then Amanda had to go up. " Erhm i didnt know i had to give a speech but ill just wing it. Ariana i remember the first time we met when we were kids and you invited me to your house and we watched the little mermaid... and how you sang me your favorite parts. I Love how you finally found your true love and how your always there for me even when you have problems yourself. The best part about having Ariana as a friend is that once you fall shes there to laugh at you then help pick you up. Ariana and Louis i love you both and i know you guys are going to stay together for like a long long time and are going to start your guys life together. But you know if you ever need me ill be there with icecream and Love movies. But if you need help baby sitting im uh you can call someone else... im just joking ! Last long guys ! " We clapped too then it was time for me and Louis to give a speech. I smiled and said " I want to thank everyone for coming, i want to thank my mom and step dad for caring for me. But i want to thank my Dad for being there for me no matter what to teach me from right to wrong. I know hes probably up there watching me so Dad if you hearing this " I love you Daddy... i really wish you were here i know how bad you wanted to see me walk down the aisle. But i know your still there and i really miss you thank you for everything. " By the time i finished i was tearing up and Louis noticed so he took over " I want to thank everyone for coming out, I love you all and now i have two great wonderful new in laws. " who knew i would end up falling in Love with my Childhood best friend" Just then i saw Louis's mum and his sisters raise there hands and my mum". he both Laughed then Louis continued talking but then i saw my dad standing in the back he looked clear and so much better. He raised his hand then smiled, I smiled back and then he tapped on his heart six times ( six times for Arianas name). I smiled remembering how we always did that to tell each other " Always in my heart" I nodded then tapped on my heart 5 times ( Five times for " Daddy). Then he disappeared. Louis ended his speech  then said " if your singe or not married yet and your a girl head to the dance floor" Amanda,Ellie, And hayley and a few family members headed to the floor while i grabbed my flowers. I turned around then threw it. A few screams escaped peoples mouths then when i turned around Amanda stood there holding it with her mouth open. Me and Louis laughed so hard then Niall started Laughing too. Then Louis had to through his underwear to the men and guess who caught it... Niall !! We all laughed so hard again. Then it was time to leave. Everyone left and me and Louis headed to Our house. 

No ones Pov

Louis still sings in One direction while Ariana went off to become a nurse. Amanda and Niall are still going strong and so are Hayley and Liam, And Zayn and Ellie. Harry ended up seeing Eleanor and turns out a perfect couple. After a year Ariana has a baby boy named Alex. Louis was very happy and said " Now Alex can protect our little girl if we have one." When Alex turns 4 Ariana tells everyone the news of how shes Pregnant again. 

Always keep your eye out for your Best guy friend... who knows you could end up just Like Louis and Ariana....              

The end of a perfect ending... <3 

   the authors note

Okay guys the storys done !! soon i will be starting on the sequel " The next chapter of our lives " Soo keep your eyes out for it ! 

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