Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


35. Stay strong

Arianas Pov

I was actually gonna tell Louis why some fans hate me. Okayy... " Louis they hate me because they see me as a threat..." His eyes went huge and nodded signaling me to continue. " They see me as a threat because i basically set Amanda with Niall, and Harry and Ellie and soon they will find out about Liam and Hayley." He shook his head and said " your not a threat ". I nodded then closed my eyes i was tired and plus it would be a long time till we reach Hawaii. * 30 minutes passed* I open my eyes and see everyone's gone. I get up and look in the bathroom nothing. I look at the Pilot place and there-there dead. I gasp and run out only to find Louis. Hes just sitting there looking at me i ran toward him and grab his hand and say "Louis we need to leave". He shakes his head and says "no Ariana your next" ! My heart beat quickens as Louis screams "boys" ! Liam,Harry,Zayn even Niall come out of no were. I start crying and scream at Niall "where is Amanda !? "He smiles and Points out the window. I look out and see her on a chair tied up and cuts all over she has a cut on her throat and shes dead. I pull my hands to my face and Look at them "you monsters" ! I scream crying. "Oh silly silly Ariana were not monsters" Harry says as he brings a knife out and touches my skin with it. I flinch when i see blood on it i start crying and say why ?! Louis brings out a gun and says this wont hurt a bit with a smile he pulls the trigger. AHHHHH !!!!!!! i scream waking up Louis wakes up also and hugs me shhh its just a nightmare nothing will hurt you im here.. I cry and say but it felt so real... Louis rubs his eyes, Well what happened ? he says still holding me. I had a dream that you guys killed me and Ariana i say looking at him and still crying. He shakes his head and says no i would never do that i love you too much. I nodded then A voice went over. " Hello hello we will be landing in Hawaii soon " I sighed and brought my Phone out to text Hayley. Just about to land :) bet you excited to see liam xx. soon she texted back saying hooray !! and psh uh nooo... why did he talk about me ?? I laughed then texted back well we will see... Love youu !<3 xx.   then turned my phone off i sighed and then remembered my engagement ring. I smiled then Looked at Louis who was sleeping. hes such a heavy sleeper. I look around and notice Niall and Amanda cuddling i simply take my phone out and take a picture. Then the plane shakes then i guess we land, I run into the bathroom to fix my makeup. I look in the mirror and notice how HORRIBLE i look. I brush my hair and remove the black stuff from under my eyes that, all happened when i rubbed my eyes and mascara smudged. I go back out and there all just grabbing there luggage's. Again here i am being the cults i am i fall flat on my face. and of course i start laughing and everyone comes laughing at me. They help me get up and we get our stuff and run into a van. We arrive at the Kaiser hospital and i jump over everyone and run inside. i run to the front desk and ask for helen tyler. she types something in then says Ah ! here she is shes right in that room and points to a room across us. I run in side and she my aunt on a bed Looking so pale and her eyes are not her brown color. I gasp and run to her side i take her hand and say im never leaving i promise...I look around and Hayley's passed out on the couch. The boys and Amanda pop through the door and Louis comes to sit next to me while Liam sits next to Hayley. Niall, Amanda, Zayn and Harry follow right after Liam. Hayley falls to Liams side and ends up falling asleep on his shoulder. My aunt wakes up and smiles at me i smile back and a nurse come in and says that we need to leave and come back later. We all walk out and Louis doesn't come out till two minutes later so i ask him. Hey Louis what happened ? He smiles and said that she wanted to make sure i was taking care of you. I smile back and after a couple minutes pass we are allowed to go back in. We end up staying the rest of the night. and i end up falling asleep in Louis arms and Liam and Hayley end up getting along together.

Authors Note

Hahah sorry guys its so short i was just so sick today. I feel horrible, my throat hurts my noes is clogged and my stomach hurts like heck ! I really just wanted to get a chapter up i promise i will write a better chapter tomorrow. much Love


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