Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


18. Special surprise

Arianas Pov

When i got up Louis wasnt in the hotel room i shrugged and grabbed my phone i dialed Louis number and after three rings Louis answered. (Phone conversation) Louis-- Hey babe Ariana-- hey boobear where did you go ? Louis-- we had to get up early this morning to rehearse and guess what? Ariana-- what ? Louis-- i got a special someone and her friend front row tickets and backstage passages Ariana-- awh thanks so what time ? Louis-- uhm the concerts at 3 so ill pick you up around Lunch time Arianas-- mmmkaykay bye babe love you Louis-- Love you too ! see you later (end of conversation) i walked back to my room and decided to watch some telly i looked for the remote and there a post it note was on it that read " Hey ariana your going to go watch some telly eh ?  anyway i just wanted you to stay home and stuff because i dont want you to get hurt again so i have some body guards by your door and by Amandas so if you get hungry call room service Love you so much xx Louis" i didnt believe him when he said theres body guards by my door so i got my purse and phone and went outside to my surprise there were about two of them standing by my door i sighed and said Louis? they nodded i laughed and went back in i just got a message from Louis saying that he was coming to pick me up in about an hour and thirty minutes i shrugged and went to shower. when i finished i went in the bedroom and picked my outfit. I figured there would be millions of girls wearing the boys styles so i picked a black colored sweater that had a floral design with a pocket. i paired that with some red skinny jeans i put on my peach rose earrings, put on my red Bennie and, put my black uggs on. i applied some mascara and some eyeliner on i dried my hair and softly curled the ends when i finished Louis came through the door i ran to him and we hugged then kissed he took my hand and said ready ? i nodded and we headed out. while we got in the elevator Niall and Amanda got in she looked soo pretty ! she wore this flowy pink top with some black colored shorts brown heels and some gold earnings. she saw my outfit and said Lovee your outfit ! thanks you too i replied back smiling. we got in the car and drove, and drove and drove till we got there. already there were teens all over the place waiting in line we got in the arena and went backstage we fooled around for about thirty minutes then they had to go and change and do there hair while me and Amanda played with Lux. i got a text from Louis saying bring Lux and come in the dressing room i replied sure ! and made our way down the hall. When we got there the boys were all in a circle and they said come here ! i smiled and went next to Louis while Amanda went to Niall and Lou took Lux. We put our hands in and they said LETS DO THIS POO ! we all laughed and i kissed Louis and told him ill be in the front with Amanda he nodded and said i love you i smiled and said Love you too ! i took Amanda's hand and we found Paul who guided us to our seats we waited and facts about he boys showed up and the girls started screaming then 5,4,3,2,1 BOOM ! the boys jumped on stage and started singing Na,Na,Na, stand up, i wish, moments,gotta be you, more than this up, all night, tell me a lie, everything about you, use somebody ,save you tonight, and I want. when they finished i want Harry said are we having a good time ? we all screamed and he laughed good now we are going to pick 5 lucky girls to come up here paul you know what to do. Paul came to me and Amanda then went to some girls in the back he brought us on stage and Louis took my hand while Niall took Amanda's i smiled and Louis spoke through the microphone " I want you guys to meet the Love of my life, And my girlfriend ive known her since we were kids but when she left it was never the same i found her again and asked her to be mine and she made me the most happiest person alive. now i love her and i dont want you guys to be hurting her or sending her hate why because she was in the hospital because of a drunk driver and i-- i had to make her fall in Love with me again and she was beaten by directioners on our way here if you guys were real fans you would always support us no matter what and remember never lose hope because Ariana was a directoner and theres still curly out there ! we all laughed and Louis kissed me. The fans screamed and Niall spoke Thank you for that very nice speech about Ariana, Hello guys ! as you see this is my Girlfriend Amanda i also have something nice to say about Ariana too, she actually set me up with Amanda and i have been so lonely for a long time but Ariana found me the person just right for me. Amanda's Beautiful,Smart,Funny,a person who will always be there for you, And someone who can eat just as much as me he said laughing and kissing Amanda on the cheek. The crowd of girls screamed louder and we all laughed then people brought out chairs and The boys lead us to it and made us sit down. The other three girls started crying and me and Amanda just looked at them weird then Laughed. The boys started with a song we all know and love called One thing i swear one Black haired girl passed out while Zayn sang to her Paul came out on stage and carried her away and brought a new girl on. when they finished one thing they sang what makes you beautiful. Then they decided to  answer some questions on twitter. Oh course a girl had to ask if i could sing i turned a bright pink and Louis smiled Yeah actually Ariana can sing thats why she got to come here with us do you guys want to here her sing ? yes !!! the crowd screamed i shook my head nooo but of course i had to and i said how about me and Louis sing together ? the crowd agreed and we sang Perfect two  by auburn. I started off -- you can be the peanut butter to my jelly you can be the butterflies i feel in my belly sang Louis and we continued the song till we sang it all. Then a another question saying omgosh Ariana sings so good ! get married already! anyway how long have you known each other Louis and Ariana ? Well ive know Louis since we were about five then when we were ten we were separated then i found you after 10 years interrupted Louis. I kissed him on the lips and then Liam spoke sorry guys thats all the time we have left because we have to go and see our Hawaii fans we love you guys and appreciate all the fans from those who just joined to those all the way back in 2010 you guys are best fans ever and thank you for making our dreams come true once again WE LOVE YOU ! screamed all the boys and we all ran off. we all changed and after an hour we headed home for dinner because we couldnt last night because of a fire there. 

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