Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


22. Realization

Arianas Pov

i woke up in the morning looked to my side and saw no Louis, then remember what happened. i sadly got up in the morning and went in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and noticed how TERRIBLE i looked my eyes were puffy i had dark circle my eyes weren't even my nice blueish greyish color instead my eyes were red my face was puffy and tears stained the sides of my face my hair, omgosh dont even get me started on it. i went downstairs and Brandon was there cooking. When he saw me, he made a "O" face and said what the heck happened to you, you look horrible ! I smiled and said thanks cause that's what every girl wants to hear, and yeah i know i look horrible. i sat down and asked what he was cooking he smiled and said eggs, Bacon,waffles and Pancakes. when he finished me and him pigged out considering i didnt eat dinner last night. When i finished Brandon spoke up, Ariana maybe Louis not cheating on you you didnt even let him explain. I thought about it... yeah your right ill go back and talk to him, but if im true im coming right back then ill go back to California he nodded and hugged me bye Ari he said bye Brandon. I ran in my room grabbed my bag, my keys and my phone i ran back down and started my car and i was off.

Amandas Pov

Last night boy, was i pissed off when Ariana ran out crying i yelled at Louis BIG time but turns out that was his older sister that moved here whoops. Anyway we spent all night looking for her but couldnt find her so we went home and went in a circle with our phones on the floor waiting for Ari to call or show any sign that she was fine or more importantly Alive. Louis said bye to his sister and Ran up to his room and locked himself in there not letting anyone in.we soon fell asleep on the floor and woke up to a noise of keys jingling in the door. We all got up and watched who came in it was Ariana THANK GOD ! your okay i screamed and hugged her and took a step back and said OH GOD YOU LOOK HORRIBLE !  She smiled  and said thanks 

Ariana Pov

when i got to the beach house everyone hugged me and i looked for Louis and didnt find him... Niall noticed and said hes in his room hasnt let anyone in his room since you left i sighed and said ill be right back. i went up the stairs and stopped at Louis room i hesitated then knocked on the door and said Louis its me open up i heard someone run to the door and unlock it i looked around then someone pulled me inside. I look around the room and its a mess there tissues all over the place i turn to Louis he looks pale his eyes are not his beautiful blue eye color his hairs all over the place his eyes were red and looked as bad as me. i sat on a chair in his room and said Explain... i spoke and said Ariana you dont understand that was my sister....  

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