Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


5. Plans

Ariana's Pov

Well my stay here in Doncaster is getting better and better ! i mean i love it here ! First i meet my best friend who i knew since i was 5 but i ended up losing him when i turned 10 and then i found him again after 10 years  he was my very first crush and now hes the best thing that ever happened to me. Well now the boys are going to be staying at my place for tonight and its going to be so much fun ! well when we got to my flat i said i needed a shower really really bad so i showed them were they could relax and wait till i finished. i showered quickly and ran in my room and locked it i picked a red tank top with some blue shorts put my hair into a sock bun and ran out to see what they were doing when i ran out i screamed PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE EM ! I laughed rolling on the floor because niall was on the floor with his hand up and a scared look on his face harry, was sitting with his phone in his hand and his hand up but eyes closed liam zayn and louis were all hiding with there hands up. Afterwards they noticed it was just little oh me and ended up tackling me awhh i feel so loveddd!  i screamed as they jumped on me.  After that i heard stomach grumbling and we all looked at niall what?? im starving he yelled ! well what do you want to eat boys ?? FRIED CHICKENN niall yelled once again well i guess were having fried chicken laughed liam. Harry stood up and said ill make it love my treat. Ehrm okay i wana go for a walk ill be back soon okay i said putting on my sweater, Cannn i comeee babeee? Louis practically begged so i let him come along. He grabbed my hand and we walked out hand in hand smiling. We started talking about harry and Louis asked if i liked any of them i like all of them but i dont love them i love you i said kissing his cheek. Awh babe i love you i started feeling butterflies in my stomach is this what it feels like to be in love ? i just reacted and said i love you too. We ended up at this playground that me and Lou always came to when we were young because of the swings we both looked at each other and said RACE YOU !! we started running toward it i ended up losing so louis said i owed him a kiss i smiled and kissed him and felt those same sparks we had when we first kissed. Afterwards i smiled at the ground and looked up to him pinching my cheeks and singing "and when you smile at the ground it aint  hard to tell" i looked into his beautiful blue eyes and said " you have an amazayn voice" 'and you have the most beautiful eyes and smile' he said pocking my cheeks. i guess  i have nice eyes they were this blueish greyish eye color i always got complements about it i ran to the swing and said " Boobear push me !" he ran over and pushed me and got on the swing next to me and we started seeing who could go farther " i won !!! " i said running around i guess so lou said we were about to kiss when i heard *beep *beep i looked at Louis and he put his hand up saying "its not me its your phone" i looked and i got a text from my best friend Amanda who was pretty much my only friend saying that shes flying into doncaster tomorrow and asked if we could hang out i texted back " sure see you tomorrow ?" i looked at louis who had this confused look on his face i just hugged him and said "that my friend amanda was flying in tomorrow nothing to worry about okay boobear?" Okay carrot he smiled and looked at his phone and said "its getting late wana head back" he said reaching for my hand "yeah sure" i said it was silent for a while then louis broke it by saying so tell me about you friend Amanda "well what do you wana know?" i said skipping now  " well he said i wana see if nialls interested i mean i know liams talking to someone and so is harry and Zayn and i feel bad for the lad somethimes. Well your in luck i said smiling real big what is it Louis asked kinda scared. Well you said that niall loves a girl who can eat just as much as him right? mhm he nodded his head well Amanda happens to love and i mean love eating. Great louis smiled and said what colors her hair and hows her personality ? he said. well her hairs dirty blonde and she has the most awesome personality shes always happy but dont touch her food i said pointing and laughing. we arrived at my flat and ran in "Just in time" harry said comming out. I looked at them all and said MINEEEE !!! i swear niall tackled me and said "no no my food" i laughed and followed him inside i forgot to text Amanda about having Louis and Niall comming i quickly texted her and sent it. i got a text right away saying waittttt !!! do you mean THE niall and louis from one direction!? i laugh and reply yes them talk to you tomorrow okay?  i look at louis and say we have plans tomorrow and he say " she said yes ?!" hahaah yeeppp we finish eating but the weird part is that harry keeps staring at me me and louis tell niall about the plans tomorrow and says okay but looks very very nervous i say " dont worry you guys have alot in common oh and just talk to her about paris okay she loves that place. he nodded and we all went to bed i mean i think we all are doing our own thing tomorrow. 

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