Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


31. Now thats something i just cant do

Louis's pov

Ariana Arrived home ! but wait ? with Liam ? ill talk to him about that later. We all ran and hugged her but let go shortly because her phone beeped. Her eyes glistened as if she was crying then typed something and soon after ran into the bathroom. We all traded some confused looks then ran to the bathroom but on the way there i grabbed her phone then joined the others. Ariana please open the door whats wrong ? cooed Amanda  Go look at my phone ! was all she screamed i unlocked it and read it. I cant believe this ! i showed the others and they put there hands to there mouths. Do you see that ?! No one likes me ! she screamed after we all read it. Ariana dont liste- Zayn spoke but was soon cut off by Ariana. No Zayn thats all you guys can say ! Dont you know how hard it is ? Even Harry gets hate ! All of you guys do ! Niall you got braces because of people making fun of your teeth, Zayn you get made fun of because of your religion ! she was right... we do listen. Why doesn't Amanda get hate...? its always me Ariana said but not screaming any more. Look guys i love you but i cant take it anymore..... things would be better without me right ? Ariana replied sounding like she was whispering. We all got scared and started banging and shaking the door knob. We all heard her weeping and then it just stopped. We grew even more scared, and i soon didnt even care if i broke the door down. Which i did but only because of Ariana  and for her safety. When i knocked down the door with my foot Ariana laid there in a pool of blood and a razor next to her. NO NO NO NO NO !! i screamed picking her up and lying her down on my lap. I look to the rest of them and there just standing there ! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR ? CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT CALL THE COPS CALL A AMBULANCE ! CALL EVERYONE !! Just then everyone pulled there phone out but end up dropping it. I took Arianas hand and said Ari if you leave me it wouldn't be the same i dont think i would sing anymore... But please dont leave me please please please dont leave.. A few minutes later cops came everyone came. They carried her on to a gurney and we wheeled her out. Fans that were waiting outside just started screaming and asking what happened. But i didnt care my only worry was Ariana. I pulled her ring out and put it on her finger. We get inside the car and rushed to the hospital. When we got to the hospital they pulled Ariana into a room and i was forced to leave her alone. I sit down and wept then i think.... why doesnt Amanda get hate ? I go on twitter and update. Hey guys... so today im in the hospital because of some girl who told Ariana to do everyone a favor and kill herself. you know who you are. just because you send our girlfriends hate wont make us fall in love with you. It just makes us realize the kinds of fans we have. Please pray for Ariana. and that was it. I just kept staring at Arianas Room just to watch her. Then i start hearing beeeeeeppppppp. No no no no no i screamed getting up and running to her room. But here come the doctors and pull me back and close the door. I pull my knees to my chest and weep into it. The boys and Amanda soon came to me and rubbed my back. I looked up to them and said why her ? they just shrugged and i got up to hug Harry. He just cooed into my ear and said dont worry Louis everything's going to be alright.. I shot my head up and said Ariana used to do that.... Harrys eyes grew big and he said sorry. i walked over to a chair and sat down. The boys soon after joined me then a doctor came out sweating. I automatically got up and ran toward him. How is she ?! i practically screamed at him he looked a bit startled but calmed down. Uhm your her boyfriend right ? he said looking at his clip bored yes ! i replied a little too quick. Well since she has cut too deep and very close to her vain she has passed out and died but ! we have saved her and she has fallen into a coma and might wake up in 2 months or so. The doctor said getting up he pat my back and said you guys may see her now . Without thinking i ran into her room. I gasped and looked at how pale she looked and how- how lifeless she looked. I sat down on a chair next to her bed and held her hand. it wasn't hot it was close to cold  i shook my head and spoke to her. You know Ari, the fans are worried about you.. im worried everyones worried. This is the second time your in here why ari why would you cut ? I promise i wont leave your side ever no matter what and with that i kissed her hand.

Arianas Pov

I wake up and im in a hospital the pain grows and i cant take it any more and then the pain drops i cant feel anything. Suddenly im awake but i look so clear i look around and see me on a bed with a bunch of stuff hooked up. Louis's there holding my hand. I walk over to Louis and put my hand onto his shoulder and say Louis.... but he doesnt move. i get so confused and walk out a nurse passes through me and it felt weird. whoa.. im awake but my body's over there that means im just a spirit... I walk over to Amanda and shes crying everyones crying. I hug Amanda but she doesnt move i then see this bright light i walk over to it. And a angel comes to me. Wha- whats going on ? i say putting my hands to my face Ariana dont worry your in a coma and you died but they saved you. she said petting my hair wh- why do people hate me ? i simply said looking up to her. Thats something you need to find out.. now go return to your body your friends need you. she said with the light disappearing no wait ! with a blink of a eye shes gone i slowly walk back and notice Liam on the phone with someone. I shrug and walk into my room were Louis's still in the same position. I walk over to the bed and laid down.

Louis's pov

She just laid there ever so beautiful then Liam comes in rubbing his temples. He sits down by me and says i just got off the phone with Uncle Simon. We have to leave on tour tomorrow... he said Looking at me straight in my eyes. Now thats something i just cant do was all i could pretty much say.

Authors note <33

Hey hey hey guys ! i finally updated ! haha sorry it took so long i had to go Christmas shopping and wrapping. So what do you guys think Louis's going to do ? and just wondering I want to know what you guys think about Haylor... if you dont know (taylor and Harrys name together). let me know in the comments ! by the way guys oh my god ! i am so close to 100 favorites !! ( doing a little happy dance) thank you guys so much ! 

                                            - xxCaetlinxx


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