Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


34. Not a chapter but a talk

HELLO !! im so grateful that i actually did get over 100 favorites ! like you guys are absolutely amazayn ! anyway, i did ask you guys what you thought about haylor.... honestly i dont ship it. Okay so Taylor swift used to be my role model. Why ? because she wrote a song for a kid named Ronan a kid who has cancer. In fact the worst cancer. Anyway i started losing respect for her when ! Harry didn't attend band meetings because of taylor swift #FACT. Another reason was when Perrie was sick (Zayns girlfriend) Liam,Zayn,louis, and Niall went to visit her in the hospital. Harry went with Taylor Christmas shopping another #FACT. Louis spoke up and said " I miss my best friend" Who was Louis's best friend? Non other than Harry styles. Guess who else is worried about Harry's career.. Simon Cowell yes the man who put them together. The thing that tied it all together that made me LOSE it all ! was when Taylor swift put on her twitter  " Fuck you Directioners". Before you say it was fake i saw it with my own eyes and so did a bunch of other Directioners. what happened to the message ? she deleted it 10 seconds later. like ugh... Okay first of all look in magazines i saw one today that had a picture of One direction and Taylor swift. What did it say ? " Is Taylor braking up the band " Do i think its true a little bit. Oh all you Niall fans guess what Taylor's doing... Shes trying to set Selena Gomez and Niall up. Okay now you can scream. Okay before you leave comments about how we need to be true directioners and support them. We can support them but does not mean we are going to hate what they do. There are two different things .. Ranting about something just to get it off your chest and sending them Death threats. Think about this now... Was there ever a time where i got mad about something the boys did. Yes i have, what is it ?  Tattoos... Harry needs to stop with it.. have you guys seen his new one? its a boat on his shoulder. Like UH ! face plant. Guess who was there ? Taylor.  Do i think Taylors using him ? Yes i do and its true. Okay now i am not hating on taylor i think shes beautiful and strong but please just PLEASEEE !!!! do not go with Harry. Hes our little cupcake please taylor go date someone your own age.. your like 23 andd hes 18 ! thats like 5 years difference.. unless you cant count.. YOUR MATH SKILLS ARE TERRIBLE! Anyway.. yesterday i did get mad because i saw the new tattoos Louis got a compass, Zayn got a skull, And harry.. a boat. I find this actually funny. Ed sheeran if you have no idea who this is.. he wrote Moments, forever young, and little things.. Anyway everytime they mention Haylor to him he simply says "I have no Idea what your talking about". Okay if you do find these things and get angry know what i did for an hour last night? I went on youtube and put on One direction went together as a band, there x factor days, there interviews and most importantly there video diary's and some funny moments of there's.  Do i miss these days ? yeah i do im sure every fan does.  I miss how Zayn looked like that innocent Little puppy who lost his mother. I miss how Niall didnt change and got braces. I miss how Harry used to be that flirt, i miss how Louis is no longer the joker but he still is im sure but.. he grew up.  I miss Daddy Direction.. I miss how he didnt drink how he doesnt Hug random girls and i miss his hair. More Importantly I miss those five boys on the stairs wearing there oneses. How they would open up by simply saying " Hi were one direction !". Those are the days were i sat at home on the computer and laughed my butt off because of them. Now there living there dream, They played at MSG.. there unstoppable like harry's tattoo " Wont stop till we surrender". And do i wish we could go back to 2010 and support them all over again? Yes i do and im sure you all do. So today i want you all to just be those fans who support them no matter what. And to go on Youtube and play those funny moments from the X factor days to there interviews. Notice the changes notice how our fandoms changed. We fight with Other fandoms but you know what we learned to get along with Believers... IM NOT SAYING WE HAVE TO GET ALONG WITH SWIFTYS. im honestly mad at them. WHO THE HELL STARTS A FCKING HASHTAG SAYING " #DIRECTIONERS DESERVE CANCER !" no person in the world deserves cancer !  I have a aunt died of cancer... Taylor just fcking wrote a song about a kid who had cancer. I just lost all respect for them.. Like erg... Right now i want you all to write a comment about what you miss about the Boys.  Lets be those fans who were just here to support and not send hate to others. If you do have a twitter i want you guys to start the trend #wemissthefiveboysonthestairs or not i really dont care. OR you guys can spread the news.


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