Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


36. Miracle

Authors Note: Hey guys so today i still feel like crap but thats okay. Anyway i woke up this morning and my throat hurts so im drinking tea. uhmm anyway enjoy this chapter i decided to add taylor swift in here in add drama to Ellie and Harrys relationship. :))

Ariana's Pov

I woke up in the hospital then I remembered my aunt i sighed then got up. Louis was passed out by me and was hugging himself. I laughed then of course took a picture of it then sent it to Twitter. @Louis_Tomlinson awh look Lou's hugging himself sweet dreams babe ;). I got up to go check up on my aunt and she was awake then i saw the doctor. Ah yes hello Ariana the doctor said shaking my hand. Very nice to meet you i said letting go. And you too, I have very good news for you the doctor said with a smile. My face lit up when he said, Mrs. Helen has been improving rapidly and will be able to return home tomorrow. I started jumping up and down and ended up hugging the doctor. Thank you so much i said letting go, No problem im glad i could help he said walking out. I took my phone out and its like ten in the morning. I laugh then said Auntie ill be right back okay? She nodded the closed her eyes probably to go back to sleep. I wake up Hayley and tell her were going to buy water guns. She smiles then gets up you are so mean Ari she said shaking her finger at me. I put my hands up and said i know im ashamed and put my head down. She laughed then slapped my arm playfully. We tiptoed out of the hospital then got into her car and drove off. We got to Walmart and bought two water guns then rushed back to the hospital. I hid in the parking garage while Hayley went to grab them. I soon get a text from her saying be ready i text back and say all settt:). Soon Hayley comes running toward me and says there comming. I laugh then hand her, her water gun soon after the boys come out running. We stay quiet for a few seconds when Liam spoke. Guys we should go back there not here. No ! Harry said putting his hands across his chest. We get ready and i whisper sorry Amanda and we pop out. Say hello to my little friend i said doing a man voice and spray them. Of course they all scream until we run out of water. They stay still drenched and me and hayley are laughing and holding our stomachs. The boys and Amanda say all together " Oh you shouldn't have done that" Me and Hayley stop laughing and say what do you mean ? They all come running toward us and hug us. We try wiggling out of there grip but Harry and Louis don't let go. I guess it all ended when I accidently hit Harry in the balls. He crosses his legs and covers his spot and my mouth drops. Oh my god Harry im so sorry ! I say running over to him everyone starts laughing at me and harry speaks. U-h No- ughh prob-lem A-ri. I bite my lower lip and saw well i have good news. They all bring there attention to me  and Hayley looks at me with her serious face. My aunt comes home tomorrow ! I say holding my hands out so they could hug me. They all hug me and Louis screams CLUBB !!!! we all laugh then i realize something. Lou, we cant drink were not old enough we have to be 21 Louis holds his hands in a fist and shakes it. CURSE YOU DRINKING AGE !!! we laugh again then Liam says we could fly back to London the drinking age is eighteen. We all shrug and Harry says ill invite Ellie ! ohhh about that.. Ellies 17 and she HATES  drinking. Hayley says giving Harry a fake smile. He just shrugs then says she can explore london. I nod then he calls her. ( Phone conversation) Ellie- Hellloo ! Harry- Hey babe Ellie- Oh hey Haz whats up Harry- Nothing much We were just wondering if you wanted to come with us to London Ellie- Let me guess Harry you guys are going clubbing and my sister told you guys i hate drinking Harry- whoa how did you know? Ellie- Im a good guesser and yeah sure ill just stay at Arianas Flat Harry- Awh are you sure i can stay bac- Ellie- No im sure you want to go ill be fine i swear Harry- uhm okay Love you Lots !! see you soon Ellie- Byee babe Love you too ! We all laugh and get into cars and drive to Ellies House. When we arrive we see my uncle and Hayleys dad getting ready to leave. DADDY !!! Hayley screams hugging him. UNCLEEE !! i said following Hayley. Heellooo girlss boys and Amanda he says patting there backs. Bye guys he said unlocking the door oh yeah ! have fun in london. Hayley crosses her arms and says Ellie told you didnt she ? He nods and leaves Ellie you tattle tale ! Hayley screams running up the stairs. We all laugh and i grab my luggage and run upstairs too. I run into Ellies room and Hayley's in her room changing. I open my luggage and pull out my dress that has a sweetheart neckline and was completely black. It reached up to about my lower thigh. i quickly put it on and put earrings on. It was light blue hoops. i put on my blue bracelet and my blue heels. i grabbed my blue purse and quickly curled my hair. ( this is the outfit btw: I run out and see Hayley wearing a sweetheart neckline thats pink and was wearing goldish heels. ( outfits here: ( Amandas Outfit: we called Ellie down and we ran into the car. We drove to the airport then got into there private jet.  * Skip the plane ride

We dropped Ellie off at my flat then headed to the club. When we got out the paparazzi took pictures but we kept our heads down. Because some people recognized The boys we got to the front and got in instantly. We ran to the bar and ordered drinks then we got into a booth and just kept drinking. Soon we were all pretty drink except for Liam. So we all started dancing. I guess out of the whole group Me and Louis were pretty much the most drunk. We stopped dancing and ended up taking shots. Out of no where Taylor Swift comes and sits next to Harry. But we didnt care because we were waayyy to drunk. After two hours of drinking and Dancing Liam said we needed to go the flat. Me and Louis gigged and said okayy Daddy but- i- want another shot. We made our way to the bar and ordered another one then we were pulled away and was pulled into a car by Liam. We drove home and to my surprise Ellie was still up. When we opened the door Ellie started crying. Me and Louis turn around and see Harry and Taylor kissing. I soon kinda realized what was happening and punched Harry in the face. Taylor decided to swing at me i ducked and swung back at her. I then started yelling but was slurping my words. Harry you stupid I-diot ! And what taylor is this a part of your new song ??  whats it gonna be called we met at a club ?! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!  DEAR LORD HARRY I KNEW ELLIE WASN'T RIGHT FOR YOU ! And with that i slammed the door in his and Taylor's face. I turn around and Louis shaking his head Niall and Amanda look mad and Hayley and Liam went upstairs to calm Ellie down. Stupid fucking Harry. was all i thought about. Louis comes and hugs me and says calm down. I kinda calm down but you know what im not letting harry ruin my night. I scream who wants to play true or daree !!  Niall and Amanda's faces light up and Liam and Hayley come down along with Ellie who Looks red but shes smiling. We all hug her and Louis grabs a empty bottle and puts it in the middle. We spin it and it lands on me. Louis laughs then runs his hands together " I dare you to knock on the next door neighbors house then ask for a ice cube then when it melts give it back and say you dont need it. They all laugh then i get up and walk out the door to the neighbors house. i ask for the ice cube and they give it to me and close the door. I come back in and Nialls laughing like crazy. When it melts i return the cube and they say no you keep it then close the door in my face. I walk back and they start laughing at me. We continue with the game and it pretty much finally lands on Zayn. Liam laughs then says I dare you to kiss Ellie we all oooo. Then Niall says wait Zayn what about Perrie ? Zayn frowns then says that Perrie broke up with him. we all frown then Louis says on with the dare already !   We all laugh then Zayn and Ellie kiss we all start laughing harder when Amanda and Niall copy them. We all decide to go to bed but we didnt move we passed out on the floor. 

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