Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


14. Meeting THE Simon Cowell

Arianas Pov 

i woke up and Louis head was on top of mine and Zayn and Liam on the side of me with a phone held up to there faces i looked confused and they said OMGOSH she awake ! RUNNN!! with that they ran back to there seat which was two stalls behind us i laughed and looked out the window and there it was Paris i squealed and turned behind me Niall and Amanda were asleep cuddling and holding hands Liam and Zayn were on there Phones and Harry was Sleeping on Paul's shoulder i waved at Paul and he smiled and waved i took a picture and laughed. i sat back down when the Pilot's Voice went on " we will be landing soon so the seat belt sign will be on so remain in your seats and buckle up" Louis was now up and said in his Morning british accent "Good morning beautiful sleep well " i smiled and said " Perfectly fine " i said trying to sound British. i had a british accent when i was little but when i moved it disappeared... is that even possible?! oh well. Louis grabbed my hand and said ready to meet Uncle Simon? i nodded and the plane hit the ground and slowly stopped i nodded to Louis question.  When the plane stopped everyone one else got up so did i but Louis pulled me back down and said let them all go first i sighed and said yes mum blinking my eyes rapidly and having this Innocent look on my face he kissed my cheeks and said your so cute. when everyone was pretty much off me,Amanda, Paul, and The boys got up and took our bags down  when we left the young looking flight attendant started flirting with Louis and was pretending i wasn't  there i got annoyed when Louis said you know what love i- i just left after that well i didnt really leave i just ran in the girls bathroom and yes with my luggage. Thank god no one was in there so i looked in the mirror sighed and thought to myself why is Louis with me... im not pretty let alone perfect he deserves to be with a model or something not me. just then Amanda barged in with her hands shaped in a gun pointing at me then dropped it and said "Oh Ariana you dont understand Louis told her off when you left then i felt guilty for leaving and assuming things. i put my head down and said sorry i guess i got kinda Jealous i mean she was so much prettier than me and was well perfect and then theres well.... Me she looked at me with disbelief and hugged me she rubbed my back and said theres this huge difference.. your pretty shes not. i smiled and she said common we have to go and sing for Simon she said sounding sarcastic then i paused and said wait Simon's here !  she nodded and me and her started panicking. We just decided to come out but i didnt say anything to Louis because i really didnt want to. Me and Amanda walked out Louis said something but i blocked it out i walked over to Simon and said Hi im Ariana and this is Amanda. Ah you must be someones girlfriends Amanda said yep ! and i just looked away i met eyes with Louis and he had a worried look on his face but i looked away quickly. Simon said so lets get on with the singing of course i said and me and Amanda took a deep breath and sang A-team again when we finished Simon had this look of happiness on his face me and Amanda just looked plain scared He look at us and said very well done i guess you will be touring with one direction ill see you guys later i need to leave. I took Amanda's hands and we jumped around in circles but stopped when Zayn said We should get to our hotel. We ran to the car and jumped in I sat by the window Zayn followed then Louis,Harry,Niall,Amanda and then Liam i looked out the window and saw the Eiffel tower i smiled and thought in my mind im in the city of Love i just got told by The Simon Cowell that i could sing my thought got interrupted when Zayn said were here ! I looked out the window and starred in awe Amanda said Ariana if you want to stand outside you can but when your ready to come in side well be in side i laughed and ran on Amanda's back but she didn't fall Huh. when we got there The guy handed us our keys and stuff Harry said PAIR UP ! Niall ran to Amanda Zayn ran to Liam Harry said i want my own room ! So Louis grabbed my hand and said are you okay Carrot ? i nodded but didnt say anything else i Love Louis but i want to see if he really Loves me so i made a plan to see if he talks to me or... well anything else we all went in the elevator  and i looked at the floor it was so shiny you can see my reflection ! Zayn spoke up and said Ari are you okay your so quiet. i smiled and didnt say anything else okay then i heard him say and then whispered something to Louis but Louis just shrugged when we got out we went to our rooms which was all next door to each other i got a text from Amanda saying SIGHTSEEING TIME ! i smiled and said def just let me unpack then we can leave. i quickly unpacked and Ran to the door Louis stopped me and said i know where your going and im coming with you i cant risk losing you again i nodded and met everyone outside. ready to go !? screamed Amanda shes oddly loud today. we all walked out and made our way to the Eiffel tower which wasn't so far away on our way there, there was a Boy who was pretty cute but hey im with Louis he walked up to me completely ignoring Louis and say  bon après-midi magnifique (good afternoon beautiful ) i smiled and said bonjour (hello) he started talking in english saying so where are you going ? oh sightseeing i replied oh excellent would you like if i show you guys around and you he said pointing at me would you like to go to dinner with me tonight so we could get to know each other better? i gave him a disgusted look and said uh no thank you i have a boyfriend and walked away well i stormed off i have no idea why im so angry today while i was running i heard Louis and Amanda running after me but i wanted to run well until i bumbled into someone again. Dam it im so sorry im so clumsy i got up brushing my self off, oh no problem he said getting up and again it was someone i dated when Amanda and Louis caught up she saw him and gave him a hug i did too after wards and Louis looked so confused i said Louis meet.....

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