Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


20. Meet my family ?

Arianas Pov 

i woke up to some kid crying i blinked my eyes and had to pee so bad so i got up and made my way to the bathroom someone was in there so i waited i looked around and no one was awake i started jumping and finally the person came out i looked up and It was Harry but..... Harry was naked.... i realized it and screamed and covered my eyes and sat back in my seat.i couldnt even look at him because of how embarrassed i was Louis woke up and Looked out the window he smiled and said were here ! i suddenly forgot about harry being naked and i got so excited " Attention passengers we are preparing for land so buckle up and we should be landing safely thank you for choosing us for flying you " i suddenly got all excited and started jumping in my seat and Louis looked so tired so i decided to annoy him " Louis, Louis Louis Louis Louis ! whattt ! hi i said poking his cheek. he sighed and said oh Ari your so cute when your excited and suddenly BOOM ! we hit the road thingy and came to a stop i put my hands to my face when all i saw was sun,sun and fun ! when everyone left we got up well i first got up grabbed my bags and rushed out the door i turned my phone on and received a   text from my Aunt Helen, saying " hey girl family reunion from your Dads side today at the beach house see you there ? Hooray ! Def, btw do you mind if i bring some friends ? i replied back. And soon received another one saying Yeah sure the more the merrier ! just come over now i got a house for you and your friends :) see you later ! said the text from my Aunt i now got even more excited and found Louis and grabbed his hand and told him about meeting my Family on my Dads side he seemed nerves about it and yet excited we took a rent-a-car and i drove to the beach house that was up by Barbers Point  when i got there my Aunt stood there i ran out and hugged her and soon after the boys and Amanda came out and i was almost forgot about them so i said Auntie Helen meet Amanda my best friend, Niall Harry,Liam,And Zayn. And meet my boyfriend Louis, Louis came up to my Aunt and said hello and shook his hand, now i can see where Ariana gets her beauty he said smiling. My aunt blushed and said come on meet the rest of the family ! but stopped me and said i like this one ! i laughed and said me too we skpped off onto the field and i said hi to the rest of my family and introduced Louis to them all  and to my surprise they all liked him. Harry was talking to my cousin, Zayn was playing on the beach with Liam and Niall and Amanda were talking with my Auntie helen. Me and Louis were playing with the kids which was really fun and i realized how great Louis was with kids and i thought wow i could actually have a future with Louis. we stayed for a bit but the boys wanted to go sightseeing and cause i have been here before and claimed it was my second home i decided to show them around. It was going to be the best because we decided to stay here for three weeks soo... FUN !!! First off we went to sea life park ! ( I LOVE THIS PLACE BTW) and guess what... we swam with the dolphins like omgosh cross that off my bucket list. I have to say the best part about Hawaii is the weather it was so warm and coming from London it felt great ! we walked around alot more and fed the sea turtles. When we were done it was about two so we went shopping ! i know i know who goes shopping all the time.... US ! all we had was pants and uh if i was living here i would pack up on some shorts all because of the hot weather. We drove till we came to a shopping center called Pearl Ridge we first walked in and wow lots of people here.i looked around and saw this store called Hollister i walked in and Bam this smell hits my nose and it was so dark in there like really. but hey they had some CUTE clothes. I saw this shirt that was a tank top kinda thing around the chest area it was lace but when it came to around your stomach it was white and i loved it. I then saw this black lace skirt with a little bow on the side and fell in love with that so i looked around for Louis but didnt see him i thought he was just behind me.  i decided to Look around the store and There stood Louis talking to another girl, boy was she pretty the way her Long Golden hair just flowed onto her back and well she had everything i didnt. The thing that hurt the most was that he hugged her and gave her his number who the hell does that ! i stormed off paid for my things and left i just didnt want to be around them right now so i walked around bought some things and went on my shopping spree while i was in Forever 21 a guy im not going to lie he was so cute but im with Louis, anyway he saw me walked up to me and introduced him self i did the same and he asked if i was here by myself and i said yeah but i just wanted sometime by myself. He nodded and said thats okay i know the feeling he gave me his number and walked away i tucked it in my back pocket and kept walking around my phone ringed a few times but i didnt want to answer it. When i was tired i called Amanda and asked her where they were and they said that they will meet me by the food court i said okay and hung up i walked to the food court sat down and waited then i heard this voice that sounded like i heard it before i look up and my best guy friend was right there he saw me too and we ran to each other and hugged. Brandon was a guy i met when i moved to California so me and Amanda and Brandon were like the best of friends but lost contact when Amanda and Brandon dated then broke up. He said omgosh Ari i havent seen you for like so long how you been ? i smiled and said you know not the best today it was all going swell till yeah. He looked at me with concern and said Come on Ari you can tell me i nodded and said well i saw my boyfriend hug a girl and give her his number and well i didnt know what to do so i left and yeah. Oh Ari dont worry no guy would cheat on you  your perfect said Brandon i smiled and said thanks then i came up with idea to have like a meetup and we could catch up on this he agreed and we said see you here on Saturday i gave him my number and he left when i turned around Louis and Amanda were there i hugged Amanda and said i saw Brandon she got surprised and said really omgosh tell me details ! she screamed i laughed and said Later i could tell Louis was texting someone because he had his eyes glued to his screen i sighed and said come on lets go home im not feeling well. We all got in the car with Liam helping me with my bags and stuff and we drove to our beach house when we got in i gasped it was the house me and my dad would and play hid and go seek in i walked into the hallway and went in my room and slammed the door and locked it. i slid against the door and sobbed someone knocked on the door but i didnt answer i just went in the bathroom locked it and grabbed my razor i hit it against the sink till a blade came out i grabbed it and slid it against my thigh so no one could see it i only did one cut then stopped. i covered the cut and went outside into my room i unpacked and i needed to get my mind off things so without saying anything i ran out the door onto the beach just as far away as i could get to the point of where i couldnt even see the house anymore i started to walk. I stopped when i saw a bed of seashells i sat by it i look at my phone took a picture of the sunset and posted it on Twitter saying All alone and watching the sunset... i got a text from Amanda saying you need to talk ? i texted back and said yes please..... i waited for about four minutes and then she showed up i hugged her and she said what happened ? i sighed and said well Long story but ill make it short... i saw Louis hug another girl and give her his number and when i saw him again he didn't even look at me i put my head down in shame and said i did it again... she put her hand to her face and said Ari how deep is it i showed it to her and she sighed at least its not as deep anymore. the last time i cut was when i went into depression when my dad died and Amanda was the only one i told. She stood up and said come on Lets go its getting dark out i got up and we walked back together. when i got in the back door Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Harry was all in a circle around someone when Niall move i saw Louis and the girl from the store. My heart dropped i turn to Amanda and she looks mad i start crying i look at Louis and scream " I CANT EVEN BELIEVE YOU, I HATE YOU ITS OVER LOUIS " and run up stairs i grab a bag and put some clothes in i grab my car keys and run out the door they tried to make me stay but failed i couldnt stay i just couldnt i drove and drove then pulled over. My phone rang it was Louis... i needed to hear his voice one more time so i answered... What do you want Louis ! i said snapping at him Ariana you dont understand I-- save it Louis ! and to actually think you were the one but no i was wrong... im sorry Louis..... but i--- i love you and hung up. i reached in my pocket and called Brandon he answered "hello ?"  Hey sorry Brandon but can i stay the night at your place ? uh yeah sure you know where it is right ? yeah ill be there soon and hung up. when i came to visit my family i used to stay at Brandon's house because well it was so boring at my place so i used to sleep over all the time i pulled up in his drive way and knocked on his door. He answered and let me in i sat on his couch and i told him what happened. He sighed and said well your welcome to stay for as long as you like and your rooms still here he said smiling i smiled back and said thanks i went to my room and closed the door Louis the boys and Amanda kept calling i couldn't talk to them so i shut my phone off and cried myself to sleep. 

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