Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


27. Its official !

* Passed 2 weeks * 

Arianas Pov

Me , Amanda and the boys had so much fun in Hawaii ! and when i went and saw my parents they were so proud of me ! the boys concert was so fun because of a girl dressing like a carrot. We had to go back to London because the boys would be having an interview on the Alan Carr show. When we arrived at our hotel we had to shower, change and then leave. I went shower first got out then Louis went in. I looked through my bag then picked my outfit. A white tee shirt with blue stripes, some blue shorts, and some blue vans.i put my anchor neckless on, and my wedding ring. i applied a pink lip stick, and some mascara. when i got out Louis got out he smiled then said i guess well be matching today. I laughed then kissed him go get ready i said ruffling his hair. He nodded then went inside the room i heard some  knocks and went to answer it the boys and Amanda stood outside. I opened it and they walked in Amanda looked cute like always. Wearing her nude pink shirt that had a boilers hair, nerd glasses and mustache on it with her jean shors her cheetah print high tops and her hair curly. Weres Louis ? said Harry flipping his hair. Uhm getting ready he should- im readyyy ! lets go said Louis interrupting me. We all laughed and went outside and ran in the van. In just a matter of minutes we arrived at the chatty man show. We went back stage and The boys went in a room to get there hair ready. After five minutes Louis ran out with being so cute. I smiled and kissed him Louis held my hand then Allan came out. Hello hello Louis and who is this Lovely Lady Allan said patting Louis back. Aha thank you Allan, this is my girlfriend Louis said smiling at me. Ahhh Allan said so theres a new member to the girl friend club he added putting his hands up and down. Louis laughed and Allen said shows on in two be right back then left. I held on to Louis till The boys and Amanda crowded us and Alan spoke   Hello, Hello ! i have a special treat for you all a British boy band, who has taken the world by storm, you know them as one direction ! I look at Louis and he kisses me. I smile and he lets go of my hand and joins the boys. When they sit down Alan speaks. Now boys can i get you some drinks ? how about some hooch ? the boys laugh then say yeah sure. He gives it to them then says now, i want to know who has a girlfriend ? Niall, Liam, and Zayn raise there hand but Louis doesn't i look at Amanda and she shrugged then Alan speaks. So Louis and Harry are single ? Aha no im not single im engaged to my girlfriend says Louis smiling. Alan smiles and puts his hand to his mouth and says good for you Louis. Now Niall you've been single for a long time can we see your girlfriend. And  Louis ive seen Her back stage and she is Beautiful ! is there any chance we can get her out here ? The crowd screams then Louis says i guess thats a yes ill go get her ! then gets up along with Niall. They come up to us then grab our hand then lead us on stage. Me and Amanda wave to the crowd then wave at Alan. Now girls theres hardly any room for the boys so you have to sit on there laps says Alan touching the couch. We both Laugh then sit on there laps. care for some hooch ? Alan says searching through his cooler. Oh no im fine ill just steal some from Louis i say grabbing his drink. The crowd Laughs then Louis takes it from me, No its mine alll mine !! Allan Laughs then says you guys are like an old married couple... except that you are being engaged and your not old and your are actually a couple.... so... uhm. Niall were did you meet Amanda ? Actually, Ariana set me and Amanda up smiled Niall. Ahhh so Ariana set you guys up Alan said nodding. Actually im seeing a girl named Ellie and she turns out to be Ariana's cousin said harry rubbing his hands together. Ariana the match maker Louis says putting his hands by me. I bit his hand and then Laugh He looks at his hand in disgust and has a smirk on his face oh its on was all he said. I turn to Harry and say help ! Then Louis starts tickling me nonstop, he always did this to me ever since he found out im ticklish. Louis *Laugh st- Laugh stopp !! he laughs then stops soon after. Now i want to play a game with the happy Engaged couple Alan says looking at me and Louis. He explains the game how hes going to ask a question then say if its Louis or Ariana. We agreed then the questions started. Whos the messiest? Louis ! i screamed, Ariana Louis Laughed. they both are messy Harry said throwing his hand in the air. Who takes the longest to get ready ?  replied Alan. Me and Louis were about to speak then Harry covered our mouths they both take the same amount of time in the morning. I gave Louis a look saying " you thinking what im thinking" and he nodded. we both licked harrys hand at the same time causing Harry to react and pull his hands away from our mouths and screaming " THEY LICKED ME !!!" Me and Louis both start laughing and end up rolling on the floor. We finally get up and we high five each other. Now that you guys are done fooling around i want to know how you guys met, when you guys are getting Married and i want to see the ring Alan said jumping in his seat. I smiled then said uhm... Me and Louis met when we were about five when i moved houses then asked Louis if he wanted to play some football (soccer) and it started off from there. We decided to go for a spring wedding on March 20th in hawaii Louis said smiling. And the ring Alan said smiling. i laughed then held my hand up showing my ring. Alan gasped then said now that is a beautiful ring. And we have about ten minutes before you guys have to leave you mind if i ask Ariana some questions Louis ? Alan said Looking at Louis, Louis laughed then said go right ahead. Okay, is Louis the romantic type if so when are some times Louis has been romantic ? Alan said acting all cutesy, Well yes, and Louis has been romantic twice and while we were in Paris, Louis screamed from the top of the Eiffel tower " I love Ariana. awwwh replied the crowd anddd the second time was when he proposed to me on a beach at sunset and cooked me dinner. Louis started blushing and said i know i know im a romantic guy. We all laughed then Alan spoke again and now to ask Louis some questions. Louis sat up then said okay. What is one thing we dont, but should know about Ariana Alan said smiling. I just shook my head and started blushing. Well Louis said taking this as enjoyment, she is an amazing singer but doesn't realize it and shes actually very talented and believe it or not shes the one who taught me how to play the piano.  Allan nodded and put his hand to his heart and said i feel you now, you know i feel like i know a whole lot about you know, Then Looked at Niall and Amanda. Niall whats one thing we dont know about Amanda ? Well Amanda's that type of person that can comfort you and make you laugh no matter what, AND she can eat quite alot sometimes more than me said Niall smiling at Amanda and she blushed. Now we still have a few minutes left and you! One Direction and Girlfriends- opps i mean girlfriend and Fiance i challenge you all to a dance off Alan said getting his boombox out. We all laughed then got up then stood in a line oh and im gonna have you guys pair up i want Zayn said Allan pointing at Zayn. I whispered in Louis's ear  you do the classic " which way am i gonna go.. oh there we go" then ill do the pat the dog, screwing the light bulb. he nodded then Harry and Liam went in doing the classic air grab we all started Laughing. Allan and Zayn did the macarena and we ended up laughing even harder. Amanda and Niall went and did a Irish jig then it was time for me and Louis to go. We went up and did the patting the dog screwing the lightbulb, The joe, and the stop the traffic, let em though. Alan stood there with his mouth open and then said oh psh i taught you guys that we had a little rehearsal before the show started... Im just joking ! i guess you guys finally won after three challenges ! we all laughed then Allan said now thats all the time for now ! and the show ended. We got ready to leave but Allan stopped me and Louis and said. Now i want you to know ill be expecting an invite to your wedding ! then Walked away we laughed then Louis spoke. I guess we have one more invite ! we kissed then went into the van for Lunch.


Hey guys !!! i finally finished my reading project and im so happy i got to post on here ! im sorry if this chapter made noo sense i had a major head ach but i didnt want to keep you guys waiting on the chapters. Bad news is.... i have to do a essay on a culture and i choose the BRITISH culture ! booyahkisha ! aha anyway.. this means less time for chapters on here but ! i pinkie promise i will post ASAP. Btw thank you guys so much i have more than a thousand views !! eeepp ! i know i know who gets excited over a thousand views? MEE ! i was just expecting only a couple but a thousand.. wow ! thank you guys so much !                                                     xxCaetlinxx  


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