Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


11. im sorry

Louis Pov 

i clutched my fist and anger built up inside of me how dare he say that he loves her when i am clearly dating her and love her with all my heart harrys my best friend and he does this to me im not sure about the word best friend right now. so i swung at him i stopped halfway right about an inch away from his face no.. i said harry opened his eyes and said what do you mean no? No i cant punch you it doesn't solve anything, consider this as a warning styles leave Ariana alone shes mine. he nodded your right Lou im sorry ill go home and get Pizza hut okay ? and ill even get the cookie dough desert he smiled i nodded see you there ill see if they can release Ariana today he nodded and left. I went back in her room and she looked frustrated but when she saw me she half smiled i sat back down next to Ariana and Liam asked where Harry was i said that he went to get dinner everyone up for pizza ? Niall and Amanda said HELL yeah ! pizza time  Ariana asked when she can go home and i said uh not sure but ill be right back okay i smiled and she smiled back i walked outside to ask when ariana could come home.

Arianas Pov

The boy named Louis who is supposedly my boyfriend said that its my birthday today and that i have a promise ring i look at my hand and theres this ring that was silver and had a carving on the side that said "Forever and always" and a heart on it  the ring looks so pretty i then get a flashback of a house what the heck ? A house really ? Louis comes back in the room and says You can go home whenever you want. So when do you want to go home ? A guy named Liam i think says i think about it and say uh ill go home today i said smiling Okay liam says ill go and sign the release paper and leaves. Amanda and her boyfriend leaves which leaves me and Louis alone. Louis says sooo, what do you remember ? I remember being in California my boyfriend Jake some horrible things i said looking away. Oh okay so tomorrow im going to take you to this place i hope will jog your memory Louis said smiling and handing me a bag of clothes i looked through it and asked what it was for. oh since you were leaving today you need something to wear right said Louis Oh okay thanks Louis ill be outside he said getting up but turned around and said you could call me boobear or babe.. thats what you called me before all of this and walked out. i looked around and a nurse came in to pull my I.v out and man did that hurt she yanked it out before she left she said get well soon i smiled and said thanks when she left i changed into some shorts, and a white V neck i put my toms on and walked out Louis was by the door and grabbed my hand i felt this tingle like it was suppose to be there so i didnt pull away in fact i held his hand he looked down and smiled when we got in the car there were the 4 boys again with Amanda i got in the front and Louis go in the Drivers seat we drove home and stopped They all ran out but i just sat there Louis looked at me and said whats wrong? i don't know i just got a flashback of a house and i have no idea what it means i said looking down Louis sighed and said dont worry you'll remember tomorrow hopefully i said to myself and got out when i got up to my house we just ate a silent dinner and went to bed Louis tucked me in and headed out but i said Wait, uhm boobear can you stay here with me im-im scared. He nodded and came into bed with me i cuddled with him and he said goodnight Ariana sleep well we have lots to do tomorrow i nodded and fell asleep.

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