Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


37. HUGEEE hangover

Arianas Pov

I woke up this morning with a MAJOR headache. I get up and see Louis sleeping and everyone sleeping. I just couldn't find Zayn and Ellie. I look up stairs and find them cuddled on the bed awhhhh ! Zayn is such a sweetheart. I decide to go and get some coffee for everyone. I change into my Anchor tank top and into my light blue skinny jeans. I pull on my navy blue vans and my white knit beanie. Thank god my hair is still curly and not a hot mess. I run down stairs and see Louis waking up i grab my white raybans and put them on. Hey babe were you going ? Louis says running his fingers through his hair. I laugh and say coffee run wanna come ? Louis nods and gets up i grab his dark blue beanie and put it on his head. He laughs and grabs his black raybans and puts them on. We walk out hand in hand and walk to our nearest Starbucks. On our way there paparazzi took some pictures. And because we were happy we posed for them. We laughed about it then walked into Starbucks. But when we walked in Guess who was there. yep you guessed it right Harry and Taylor swift. I turn to Louis and he whispers in my ear " Its okay dont look at them " I nod then continue making my way to order. Hello can i take you order ? says a blond perky girl. Uh yeah ill take four passion fruit lemonades with Thai walls i say looking at the menu. While Louis orders  Zayn, His, Liam's and Niall's i notice Harry and Taylor starring at me. I get a little annoyed and look at them dead in the eye and say " Take a picture it'll last longer !" and hold my phone out. They look straight down after i said that and i look back down and say thought so. Louis finishes and rubs my back its okay calm down.  I sigh and grab our drinks we walk over to a table behind Harry and Taylor because there were no more tables. I grab my drink and start drinking it and so does Louis. Oh yeah I texted the guys to come and get there drinks they should be here soon Louis says slurping on his drink. I smile and right on time Liam walks in holding Hayley's hand, Niall holding Amanda's, and Zayn holding Ellie's. I smile and see how happy Ellie looked with Zayn. They totally ignored Taylor and Harry and come to us. I hand Amanda, Hayley, And Ellie's drinks and they start drinking it. Louis does the same. We all start laughing how crazy last night was when Harry turned around then turned back around. Could you believe you dated someone like her Taylor said talking Loud enough so we could hear her. Ellie started tearing up and Zayn hugged her. I went up to Taylor and Harrys table and Taylor spoke. Speaking of the devil they both snickered. I gave them a fake smile and said how did you guys get here ? did someone leave your cage open ? And walked away. Louis laughed then said i think we should go before Ariana gets all sassy ! I nodded then said yepp we should go walking in the park !! They all nodded and we got up to walk away. But then Louis's Phone started ring so we were forced to say right by Harry. He hung up and said Lou needs us to watch Lux for a bit so i told her to drop her off here. We waited and soon Lux and Lou come through the door. I ran to Lux and Lux ran to me i carried her and Lou whispered in my ear what happened with Harry and Ellie ? I sighed and said Harry cheated on Ellie with Taylor. She sighed and then said bye to Lux I walked over to the group and they all greeted Lux with Hi's.  I turn to Harry cause i felt like he was starring at me AGAIN ! I give Lux to Louis and walk up to Harry. Can i talk to you ? I say putting my hand on my hip. Harry nods and gets up. And so did Taylor ALONE ! i say turning to taylor. She mouths the word oh and awkwardly sits back down. The boys all say ooooo then laugh. I walk Harry outside and say " Do you have a problem you freaking keep starring at me ?!" Harry looks down and says no its just that im sorry i broke up with Ellie but now i want her back. I stand there giving him the death glare and simply thinking Really harry really your just talking about your song taken ( you only want me cause im taken !) No harry you dont deserve a girl like Ellie. Cant you see how Zayn actually is comforting her ! Your the one who cheated on her ! I would understand if you were drunk and everything but ! Even when you realized it you didn't apologize or anything you left with Taylor and practically made Ellie feel worst. Your the 5th guy Who cheated on Ellie. Except your different... The other guys apologized you didnt. I said standing my ground. Shut up you dumb slut ! Harry yelled and slapped me across the face. I held my cheek and felt it turning warm. oh this boy was getting on my nerves... 

Authors note

Hello ! so thanks to the readers who said get well soon ! You guys are like so sweet. So i pulled myself together and decided to write another chapter for you guys. What do you think Arianas Gonna do to Harry ? Did Louis and the boys see Harry slap Ariana? and comment if you would forgive Harry after all he did. and comment some ideas for the next chapter i have like no idea what to do. Also comment what your favorite starbucks drink is! Oh yeah btw i am not Hating on Taylor in this chapter but hey ! i had to make her seem like a bitch... Much Lovee


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