Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


39. He forgot...

Authors note: MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS GUYSS!!!!! like one of my readers got tickets to go see one direction..... Haaayy you wanna take me with you ? lol anyway you guys are like the best present i ever got. i mean with more than 1,000 views and over a hundred favorites. I mean come on you guys are Amazayn !!What was your best present you got this morning ? Mine was a plane ticket to London !!! EEEEPPPP !  Oh and sorry guys short chapter today i gotta go to my dads. I know sad right my parents are divorced. I was about three when it happened. And guys ! i thought of a name for the sequel.. Its either Forever and always, or a new life. Let me know in the comments !!  

No ones Pov:

What has happened since that big day ? 3 months has pasted and Ariana and Louis still are going strong. Ellie and Zayn has been dating and are perfect for each other. Amanda and Niall are still madly in Love, Hayley and Liam are now dating. Now. What happened after that dreadful day where the big fight happened? After a week Harry has broken up with Taylor since the fans have been hating her. Also because Taylor has called Niall a pig, and Zayn a gay Mexican. Turns out Taylor was using Harry and has been looking for a new song about her breakup. Harry has apologized to everyone and they are now the five best friends. Ariana still holds a grudge toward Harry but keeps it to herself.  Ariana and Louis wedding is now just a month away. (Ariana's dress:

Ariana's Pov

EEEEEPPP !!!! my wedding is just a month away ! anyway today's mine and Louis's 4 month anniversary. Lets hope he remembers ! I wake up in Louis's Arms. I kiss him lightly and he smiles. I smirk and get up to change. I throw a pillow on Louis head and say you be not look. I quickly grab my white skinny jeans, pink flowy tank top, and my black jacket. I put them on along with my gold leaf earrings and my gold cross bracelet. Louis gets up with his eyes closed and said i am OPENING THEM ! I laugh them tackle him in bed. We cuddle and he says just a month till we get married. I smile and say so what are we doing today hhhmmmm ? He shrugs and says why there's nothing important going on today. My heart just dropped and im on the verge of crying. I hold it in and say you really dont remember what day it is? He keeps a blank face. I just grab my gold purse and walk out. Louis follows me while i walk out into the living room. Where everyone's up and is just watching tv. I grab the door handle and say Louis call me when you remember what day it is. With that i walk out although i have no Idea where to go.

Louis's Pov

I have no idea what shes talking about ! She just walks outside. I turn to the boys and Girls and say what the heck ! what is so important today ! Amanda just starts laughing and we all look at her like shes crazy. She stops and says wait Lou your serious? you dont know what today is ? I shake my head and she slaps her forehead. Wait Amanda what is today ? Niall says grabbing her hand. Oh. My. God Guys !! she said stopping at each word. Its Lou's and Ariana's anniversary ! she says throwing her hands around. My eyes go huge and i mentally slap myself. The boys all just start laughing and the girls literally turn there heads around to face them all at the same time. Why are you laughing ? Ellie says turning to Zayn. Niall smiles and says why is an anniversary so important ? Niall and Zayn run to each other and start pretending there kissing. Amanda laughs and says you guys can do that when we brake up with you guys when you forget our anniversary. They stop and go to kiss there girlfriends. I sigh and think.....what did me and Ariana always do as kids..... *GASP!* they all look at me and i say can you guys help me do a scaventure hunt.They all nod and i smile... this should be fun. 



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