Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


33. haiiii

Arianas Pov

I unlocked my phone and i got a text message..... it was from my uncle bob who was married to my Auntie Helen. It said. Sweetie i didnt want to worry you but your Aunt.. shes in the hospital shes been so sick and we dont know whats wrong. I started crying again but i didnt tell Louis anything so he looked so confused. I showed him and he brought his hands to his mouth and said im so sorry. I shook my head and said nope its fine because im going to go see her ! and got up only to be pulled down by Louis. He took my hand and told me that the doctor told him to keep me in bed and tomorrow morning i can leave. I slowly stopped crying and Louis told me to nap. I nodded and closed my eyes but reopened them because i couldnt sleep. Lou boo ? Mhm he said taking my hand and kissing it. I cant sleepp i said sticking my bottom lip out and giving him the puppy eyes.He flashed me his smile and said How about i sing you a song i wrote ? I nodded and scooted over so he could sit next to me. He sat down and started stroking my hair then the song began. Am i awake am i asleep or somewhere inbetween? I cant believe that you are here and lying next to me.Or did i dream that we were perfectly entwined.Like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine. Like all those days and weeks and months i tried to steal a kiss. And all those sleepless nights daydreams where i pictured this, im just the underdog who finally got the girl.. and im not ashamed to tell it to the world. Truly madly deeply, i am foolishly completely fallin' and some how you caved all my walls in. So baby say you'll always keep me, truly madly, crazy deeply in loveeee with youuuu... In loveee with youuuu.. should i put coffee and granola on a tray on a tray in bed and wake you up with all the words i still havent said. And tender touches, just to show you how i feel or should i act so cool like it was no big deal... Wish i could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this.Ill put this day back on replay and keep reliving it. cause here's the tragic truth if you dont feel the same.... My heart would fall apart if someone said your nameee... i closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of his soothing voice. While i fell asleep i could tell Louis kissed my forehead. I guess i didnt wake up for a long time because Louis was kissing me and telling me to get up. I smiled then scooted up when i sat up Everyone was at the foot of my bed which caused me to yelp and jump. They all laughed then said SURPRISE Ari Management let us come to Hawaii and stay for a few days then were off ! I smiled big and said yay ! The same nurse from last night came in then pulled my Iv out then said bye to us all. We were being nice and said goodbye back. I was about to get up when i realized im butt naked in a gown. I turn to them all and sit back down they look at me like im crazy then Amanda laughs. Guys ! shes freaking butt naked ! she said playfully slapping Nialls arm. She ran out then returned with A bag of clothes. Niall looked confused and pointed to them " where did you get those ? " oh what ? these ? while you guys were all asleep i drove to the hotel and grabbed some clothes for Ariana  Amanda said nonchalantly. We all laughed then Niall spoke wait !? you dont have your license. she shrugged then I shoved them all out so i could change. I look through the bag and see she packed my jean shorts, my union jack shirt and my red toms. I quickly put them on then stopped to Look at my arm where the cuts were. I sat back on the bed and took a long look at my cuts. I shook my head and felt ashamed that i actually started cutting again. I got up and grabbed my phone. I walked over to Louis who was sighing me out i took his hand and smiled. We walked into the van then drove to the hotel to pack. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we ran up well... they ran up i walked i wanted to talk to the fans they were calling my name anyway. I stopped by one fan and she whispered something in my ear... something that actually help me understand why some fans hate me.. Before i could respond Louis screamed my name and i jumped into the crowd of girls. The girls covered me but didn't hurt me. louis laughed then said Hello ! have you guys seen me fiance Ariana. the girls gigged and so did i nopeee Louis they said still giggling. OH LOOK ITS KEVIN THE PIGEON ! said the same girl who told me why some fans hate me. louis looked away the chased after a bird. I thanked her and followed her on twitter i ran into the hotel then climbed up 5 floors then ran into my room. I shut the door then grabbed my luggage's and  threw clothes in and i literally mean threw my clothes in. I grabbed my makeup and put them into the bag when i finished. I ran onto the bed crossed my legs then smiled right on time too because Louis came into the room panting. He pointed to me and said you my friend are very very cheeky . I laughed then said i have no idea what your talking about and put on an Innocent look and decided to blink really fast. He laughed then said come on the guys and Amanda are waiting but said it in a really high voice. I laughed and grabbed my luggage and my purse and my makeup bag and being the classic me i fell. FLAT ON MY FACE ! lol i started laughing and Louis came to my rescue lol jk but he did come. We got up and then We all met up in the car and drove to the airport. then arrived at a jet plane. We got in and then I got a text from my cousin Hayley saying hurry. I took a deep breath and said please stay strong... Just then Hayley wanted to facetime me so i accepted. Hai Hayley ! She smiled a weak smile and said please tell me you coming . I blinked and said i am please tell her to stay strong. she nodded then i guess she saw liam. He eyes brightened and then flashed him her beautiful smile. Liam noticed and said hi my names Liam nice to meet you she smiled then said Hayley. Liam took my phone away then sat somewhere else. I threw my hands up and followed him. Now i can see that Ariana comes from a family of beautiful people Liam said i guess trying to flirt. She gigged then said thanks you kno- Hayley come here ! someone said interrupting her. She waved goodbye then canceled it. Liam laid back and I screamed LILI IS IN LOVEEEE !!! everyone laughed then i went back to sit next to Louis i leaned on his shoulder and said i know why fans hate me... He looked at me when i finished and said one word tell me. I smiled then began......

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