Childhood Best Friend

Having that one best friend who you know will always be there to make you laugh, who you know will always be there to help you through thick and thin. It all changes when you have to leave to america to start new with you bipolar mom, bratty little sister, and a abusing father. finally they let you leave what happens when you cross paths with a old childhood best friend do you fall for him or will his band mates fall for you.


13. Good news

Arianas Pov 

when me and Lou decided to get out of the water we got a call from Harry asking where we were we laughed and whispered to each other prank time and Louis said uh yeah were in Paris. what are you doing in Paris?! screamed harry what do you think were doing? laughed Louis oh okay then well come and get you harry said and hung up we both looked at each other and ran in the car but laughed because they really believed us when we got there they were all getting in the car but when they say us they ran out Liam and Harry had this serious look on there face and Niall and Zayn said so ? i smiled and said im back everyone suddenly ran into me and hugged me including Louis. we all laughed and then Harry had this very serious look on his face but laughed and then Liam did the same and said Lou you cant scare us like that that was very naughty he said shaking his pointing finger at me and Louis. Me and Lou both looked at each other and burst up with laughter nut interrupted with a phone call we all looked at each other and Liam said oopsy my phone and said its Simon we all shushed each other and Liam answered. Hey uncle Simon ! oh you want to be on speaker phone ? oh yeah okay *beep say hello everyone ! said Liam they all said hi and Simon said so guys i understand your on Vacation but you guys have to make two stops in Paris and in Hawaii. there was a moment of silence and Louis said that sounds wonderful but we cant leave our girlfriends...  Niall hugged Amanda and Louis hugged me and Simon said Louis i didnt know you got a new girlfriend Louis smiled and Simon said well ... they can come along but do you mind having them sing to me tomorrow and they might be able to come along to your tour one month from now. me and Amanda looked at each other and Liam said yeah sure stop well stop by on our way to Paris. Excellent Simon said and Hung up. Amber screamed and said i cant sing for Simon i just cant i said how do you think i feel Louis said don't worry have you sung for anyone else and looked at me. suddenly everyone was looking at me like i killed someone i put my hands up and they asked when did you sing to Louis. i looked down and said when me and Louis were kids we pretended we were singers and judges and we sang to each other. Louis said that was so fun i agree and Harry said would you mind singing something to us ? i said no no i-- then They all said pleasseee ? i said fine and said you all owe me a Private concert i took a deep breath and said i cant believe im doing this again . what should i sing i said looking at them all ? A-team Niall screamed i said sure and took another deep breath and began-- "White lips, pale face breathing in snowflakes burnt lungs sour taste, lights gone days end struggling to pay rent, Long nights strange men. And they say shes in the class A-team stuck in her day dream been this was since eighteen but lately her face seems slowly sinking wasting crumbling like pastries. And they scream the worst things in life come free to us cause were just under the upper hand and go mad for a couple grams and she dont want to go  outside tonight and in a pipe she flies to the motherland or sells love to another man its too cold outside for angles to fly". they all looked at me with there mouths open i think i even saw Amanda shed a tear i said im sorry if i killed you all with my bad voice i promise i wont sing again and Louis said no, Ariana were just amazed of how great your voice sounds i look at them all and Liam says speechless, Harry says words cannot describe how great that was, All zayn said was wow but when i got to Amanda and Niall there mouths were open and Amanda said thats it im screwed how dare you not tell me you have a beautiful voice i shrugged and Niall said That was Amazaynnn ! i said thank you all so much and we all walked up stairs to my flat we ordered pizza already screamed Niall. well guys i think we might have to start packing now cause i just got a text from Simon saying we leave in 3 hours we all had this fear look on our faces and started packing well Louis didn't he had no clothes here for him to change he had to stop by his mums house so me and Amanda packed we got out our suit cases and started packing i had two suit cases, one with clothes and one with Make up, my toothbrush, my phone charger, and some hair products along with my flat iron and my curling iron. when i finished i changed into some mint green colored skinny jeans a yellow floral tank top with a white cardigan. i painted my nails yellow and put on some white flats with a little bow at the bottom. i couldn't really put any make up on because that was packed so i just applied mascara and a nude pink color on my lips i come out and Amanda's wearing a White shirt with a bow along her waist with some black jeans, and a nude pink cardigan and flats. she stopped with both luggage's in hand along with her black purse and said love your outfit and your too i said we came down but left our suite cases up stairs cause we weren't leaving yet and had to eat after we ate Louis and Niall helped us with carrying our stuff down and made our way to Louis's mums house me and Louis got out and got greeted by Louis mum Jay Louis ran up stairs and screamed be down soon ! i sat on the couch and Louis sisters hugged me and said long time no see i smiled and said yeah Louis came back down and kissed and hugged his mum and sisters bye and i did the same and we left. when we go to the airport we ran through and lets just say there were some fans that pulled me away from Louis and pulled my hair i screamed Louis ! as loud as i can and Louis came running and said what is wrong with you fans they all looked at him and said shes stealing you away from us Louis! Louis just shook his head and said i cant believe how selfish  you guys are being  and you guys call your selves directioners, if you were then you would support us no matter what with that we walked away. We finally got to the plane and got in just in time we took our seats. Me and Louis together Niall and Amanda, Zayn and Liam, and Harry and Paul. i sat by the window and leaned on Louis arm and feel asleep i felt Louis grab my hand and whispered good night Ariana i missed you so much. 

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